Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kids! You gotta love 'em...

...otherwise, you'd find yourself driving them to a remote location far, far away and pushing them out of the car, before speeding off very fast.

Sairs asked what the brood thought about my new adornment. Here's how it went down:

I didn't tell any of them beforehand - including Bike Boy. I came home this afternoon, lifted my top and showed him the wee bandage and he laughed and said he thought it was cute.

Number One Son was in the kitchen with his bestie, Bec. So I said to Bike Boy "watch me freak him out". Yes, I am a cruel, cruel mother. I walked in, lifted my shirt and he looked puzzled. So I spelled it out. Bec says "Wow. Cool, Mum." (she always calls me Mum) Number One Son meanwhile stood there completely speechless, with a look of total horror on his face. Which made me laugh my arse off. Bec looks at him and says "What? It's cool" and he says "But you're OLD, Mum".

The other two both said "Eeuw! Weird." or words to that effect.

Yeah thanks, kids. Way to make your Mum feel good.


kathrynoh said...

The trouble with pushing them out of the car is that they find their way home!

linda said...

My gruesome beasties witnessed my tatoo being done. I think they were waiting for the blood and screams!!

Debstar said...

If you can't freak out your kids once in awhile there would be no point in having them in the first place.

I think it's a duty to tease and/or horrify them on a regular basis.

And all 3 of my girls have managed to tell me I'm OLD at some if I need reminding.

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