Saturday, February 24, 2007

PLEASE! Say it isn't so....

I was just idly surfing around the net, when I stumbled across something that scared the pants off me. No, not global warming, or some new and frightening worldwide pandemic. OK, that's a tautology - a pandemic is by definition worldwide, isn't it?

What was I saying again? Oh yeah - pants. Scared off. The cause was this question on Real Women's Fitness:

The answer? I have no idea. I was far too chicken to read on and find out. I'm not giving up coffee for ANYTHING.


Pip said...

Checked out the coffee article. That makes sense and doesn't bother me as I don't like coffee.

BUT reservations about running being good for you, (the next topic discussed) made me cringe and not want to read further.

MTB Girl said...

Hey Kek

The coffee thing is more about the danish that might go with it, or the cream etc - you have nothing to worry about!

Good luck on your ride tomorrow - have a great day.

Kek said...

Pip, relax - I read that running thing, and the upshot was: good for fitness, good for fat loss.

Amanda, ta for that! I have my coffee black and alone...or with a protein cookie. :p

I'm looking forward to the ride, it should be easy(ish). The weather forecast is for 24 and fine - perfect!

MTB Girl said...

The weather sounds perfect! I hope you all enjoy it.

Sara said...

Coffee is fine, the skinny French chics live on it, right?
In Paris there was a cafe right across the road and the local office girls would come for afternoon coffee. They sat there all slender and surrounded by the smell of strong, black coffee. See, doesn't make you fat.
Oh.... I had 3 this week after several months of abstinence. Gotta get back on the wagon ASAP before it all turns bad!~

Anonymous said...

Sorry to worry everyone with the coffee post. Perhaps I should try and use less dramatic titles!


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