Friday, February 23, 2007

Shoulders and feet

I had another session with the osteopath today. It felt really, really good........when she stopped.

I rounded off my day with a long-overdue visit to the podiatrist. My feet feel SO GOOD. It's unbelievable how good my feet feel. She even ground down my ugly elephant toenails and told me how to keep them under control so I can actually cut them like normal people. And I'm sure I must be at least half a kilo lighter after all the calloused skin she cut, scraped and sanded off my feet. Did I mention that my feet feel good?

When I got home I took my shoes off and made Bike Boy feel them - even he agreed they feel good.


Debstar said...

Getting Boke Boy to feel your feet. mmmm sounds a bit kinky to me. Did he suck your toes as well. he he

Cinders said...

hmmm - got my magazine today. What a fantastic article Kathryn wrote and I wonder who was being featured?

Kek said...

Toe sucking? Eeuuww! Reminds me of that Six Feet Under episode...

Linda, I STILL can't find a copy of that blasted magazine anywhere! Grr!

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