Thursday, February 08, 2007

Training good.

My week's getting back on track after the shaky start to training. Yay!

Yesterday I did my upper body workout and really pushed myself. Have I mentioned that I hate, hate, HATE tricep pushups? They were a relatively new addition to my program and I've been struggling with them. They're supersetted with cable pushdowns, and come straight after chest in my workout, which is a pretty big ask. I hadn't actually managed to get through all sets so far - I always failed short of my 8 reps on sets 2 and 3. But yesterday, I gritted my teeth and got it done. Yeah! Everything else went well too, and I finished training with that I can't lift my arms, how the hell am I going to drive home? feeling.

Today I got my bike intervals in, and as long as I manage to squeeze in some cardio somewhere on Saturday, I'll get all my sessions in.

Food however, has been a little off. Yesterday afternoon, there was a fairly major chocolate incident and the day before, a couple of pretty poor choices. This morning the little cartoon lightbulb went on above my head - I'm WAY short on sleep. I've been up till after midnight every night since Sunday and I'm still getting up between 5:30 and 6:00am. I do have a lot on: new clients, enquiries coming in thick and fast, program updates for current clients, plus a big 'thing' I'm working on (more on that later) and I still haven't got my January newsletter out (oops). But that's no excuse. I know that for me, sleep deprivation is a trigger for eating crap, so I can't afford to allow my sleep time to be eroded.

Sara can explain all about the relationship between sleep deprivation and bingeing.... seretonin receptors and all that scientific stuff. All I know is that when I don't sleep enough, I eat too much.

So my number 1 goal for the next few days is to be in bed by 10:00pm. If anyone catches me online after that time, give me a virtual slap, will you?


LizN said...

I won't be awake at 10pm but I could send you a text screaming at you to go to bed if you like ;)

I'm an early riser too.

Liz :)

Deb said...

I'm out like a light by 10! Glad you're back into a routine. I'm such a creature of habit, if my routine is thrown off...I'm completely out of it. Keep it up (and get to bed!!)

Sara said...

I'm the same way. Little sleep almost ALWAYS means I'll reach for the chocolate bar over the apple.

Oh, and I just incorporated tricep pushups into my upper body routine last week... I'm scheduled to do my upper body workout again this afternoon and ALREADY I'm dreading it.

Now, quick, hurry... go rest! Zzz...

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