Sunday, February 11, 2007

Training's done - now for the shopping!

Considering my disastrous week, what with power blackouts, lack of sleep, losing our doggie, drunken husbands coming home at 2:00am (yeah, that's a story for a whole other blog entry) and all, I'm pretty impressed that I managed to get all my workouts in.

This morning I was up early and out on the bike, did my 20kms with no problems, but for some reason it took 3 minutes longer than last week. Dammit! Maybe that's because I only did my leg workout yesterday, thanks to my screwed-up schedule. Whatever, I HATE it when I can't at least equal my previous performance. I'm so competitive, even with myself. Is that weird?

Now I'm going to go get cleaned up and put on something other than workout clothes, and then head off to the city to meet Selina for an afternoon of shopping, eating, chatting, sightseeing, shopping, and eating. I did promise her a visit to Koko Black.... but I'm secretly hoping she's already been, so I don't have to set foot in there. That place is EVIL, I tell ya!


LizN said...

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Koko Black when I came down to Melbourne for the Nationals. My post comp meal included a Belgian Spoil and real hot chocolate. What bliss!

Liz ;)

Deb said...

A week topped off with shopping and chocolate....sounds wonderful!

Debstar said...

Hope you had a great time with Selina. I never did make it to Koko Black when I was in Melbourne. I think that was a good thing.

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