Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Part II

Lest anyone think this Valentine's Day caper is all one-sided, I bought Bike Boy a gift..... just a token, but carefully chosen after a lot of thought and given with lerve.

It was one perfect individual white chocolate truffle cake from Brown's. I couldn't find a pic, but it looked rather like this - only with a strawberry on top and some sticky-up bits of white chocolate instead of curls.

Some may not realise the significance of this, but it means that I went into a bakery - a gourmet bakery at that - and did NOT buy myself anything. Not a flourless chocolate muffin, not a tiny, jewel-like fruit flan, not a choc-chip cookie. Not one crumb touched my lips.

Talk about an iron will!


Debstar said...

Good Lord Kek, How did you manage that? Did you manage to maybe sneak a little sticky up bit of chocolate off his cake??? Be honest!

Kek said...

Are you KIDDING? Me? Touch white chocolate? *gags*

Revolting stuff!

liz said...

Are you trying to make us stray from our food plans with all these pics and talk of the "c" word? Damn you, woman! Now I'm craving it.

Debstar said...

Oh yeah I forgot about your adversion to white chocolate. I don't care what colour it comes as, as long as its chocolate I'll eat it.

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