Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well, this sucks!

Got an email from Amazon this morning. It reads:

Hello from

We are sorry to report that we will not be able to obtain the following item from your order:
Bill Phillips "Transformation: How to Change EVERYTHING"

Though we had expected to be able to send this item to you, we've since found that it is not available from any of our sources at this time. We realize this is disappointing news to hear, and we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you.

We must also apologize for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for you.

We have cancelled this item from your order.

I ordered this book back in August - it was due out in January. Then in early January I got an email from Amazon to say it had been delayed and would be released a couple of weeks late, so I'd get it some time in February. Now this!

So I went and checked and sure enough, the site says that the book is now due for worldwide release on 19th MAY!

Has Bill's typewriter broken down or something?


kathrynoh said...

It's prolly a hold up at the publisher. How frustrating though.

MTB Girl said...


Kek said...

Well, really, I have plenty of other things to read while I wait.

I am bummed about the chance to drool over the lovely Bill in person being postponed though. He was supposed to be doing a book tour in early 07. I hope it still happens.

*sigh* My hero.....

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