Saturday, February 03, 2007

You know what I hate?

I really, REALLY get pissed off when I find one of my recipes posted on a blog or forum, and the author doesn't bother to give me credit. I'm sure there must be some sort of blogging law against that or something.

I'm happy for the joy to be spread around, but I mean, really - is it too much trouble to say "I found this great recipe of Kek's and it was so good, I wanted to share it with y'all"?

Grrr. You know who you are.

OK, bitching over.

Disclaimer: I'm not referring to anyone I actually 'know', so relax! Just some posts I've come across, via a link from a link from a know how that goes.

And I'm DEFINITELY not referring to Sara T's recipe blog, which everyone should go check out, pronto. Go on, what are you waiting for?


LizN said...

Me too, that totally sucks! I started a recipe blog as well but I've been woefully slack in adding things to it.

Liz :)

PS - we must be twins - not only did we have heifer sized children we've both lost about the same amount of weight!

Kek said...

Oh, we're DEFINITELY twins, Liz...except for the part where I'm about 9 years older than you... ;-)

We can always be spiritual twins though. :-)

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