Saturday, March 31, 2007

Don't I know you?

Oh, oh! I had a GREAT moment the other day, one that made me smile all afternoon. I was at the office and about 10:00am felt an urgent need for coffee. As you do. Normally I'd just run up the 3 flights of stairs to the staff cafeteria, but sadly, my purse contained maybe 30 cents..... So, outside and off to the ATM it was.

I got some notes out of the machine and as I exited the bank lobby, two guys came in. I immediately recognised one of them as an old boss from my banking days back in..... um.....1989? Somewhere thereabouts anyway. And I was highly amused as I watched his eyes slide over me, then away, and then he literally did a double-take. I stood there, waiting as his mind frantically raced to put a name to the face. I eventually put him out of his misery and smiled at his "wow, you're looking...... well!" (translation: Holy crap! you're thinner, healthier and blonder than I remember!)

Ah, I love those moments.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Mind games

I came across this article today: Mental strength - When you can manage your emotions, you can perform at your best and it struck a chord. I especially related to the part about how your perception of the way other people see you influences your view of yourself. And of course, we can’t possibly know what other people are thinking – all we know is what WE are thinking and feeling about a certain situation.

Early experiences can really have a profound impact on our lives. Constant negative reinforcement creates thought and behaviour patterns that are hard to break out of. For example, all my life, I thought I was bad at sport… I was always being told when I was a kid that I was clumsy, unco-ordinated, awkward. So of course, that became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whenever I had to participate in a team sport at school like netball, I’d be certain that I’d drop the ball, not be able to shoot a goal and generally be crap at everything. So I’d go out there, already having failed in my own mind and I’d do badly. It was inevitable, but not for the reason I thought. I’d laugh and shrug my shoulders and pretend that I didn’t care. After all, I was great at pretty much everything else at school, who cares if I didn’t do well in PE? Now I’m quite sure that if I’d received some encouragement and had taken the opportunity to practice, I’d actually have been an OK player – maybe even a good player, who knows?

I still have to remind myself of this stuff every time I try something new. You have to expect to be uncomfortable when you first begin anything new, but you’re not incompetent, you just need practice.

One of the things I learned from my first Body for LIFE challenge was that you have to dream big and then have an unwavering belief that you will achieve it. Focus your mind clearly on that goal, do whatever planning and preparation you need to, and then go after it with your body, mind and soul and your success is assured. It’s a huge leap of faith, but it’s well worth it, and that goes for anything you want out of life. I used the same technique successfully when I went after a promotion a while back – I prepared, practised, made sure I knew my stuff and then did some visualising. I saw myself blitzing the interview. And guess what? I sailed through it – I’ve never felt so confident in a job interview in my life. And yes, I got the promotion.

Mind stuff is tricky, but just like physical training, you can train yourself to be stronger mentally, just as you can train your body physically.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nothing to do with fitness

Today I spent the day with my Mum, trekking around the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Although I used to go every year without fail, I've not been able to get to the last couple of shows, so I was really looking forward to today. I have to say it was a bit disappointing. Maybe it's got something to do with the drought, but there seemed to be a lot less exhibitors than I remember, and more boring tools and gadgets than displays of outrageously creative fantasy gardens.

On top of that, they had the cheek to charge $19.50 for admission, lunch cost $15 EACH for a crappy paper tray of spit roasted lamb, a sprinkling of token salad, half a pita bread and, of all things, CHIPS (come on, who serves chips with Greek food?) and to top it off, we obviously parked in a car park run by organised crime bosses, because it cost $37. Yes, we could have used public transport, and yes, we could have parked at the casino wa-a-ay on the other side of town for $5 and trekked miles through the bloody place to a tram stop.... but my poor Mum has severe pain from arthritis and can't walk far. And as I discovered, a disabled parking permit is useless without a disabled bloody parking space! Harrumph!

Anyway..... I did see some pretty things, bought some tulip bulbs and got a bargain on a fancy stainless steel 6-burner gas barbie. I also found my dream back yard:

Of course, it's probably bigger than our entire block, but that's a minor detail.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inspiration from the champs

Melbourne Body-for-LIFE meet March 2007 on Vimeo

The Vid

We've got a little video of Saturday's Body for LIFE meet - Bike Boy's been busy editing it into just a few minutes, so as not to bore people to death. I've managed to figure out how to upload it to I just have to work out how on earth to get it on my blog.

I'll get to it soon, promise.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Baby brought home something he made at school. I looked at it and said "wow, nice plasticene sculpture, mate!". To which he replied, "Mum, it's Blue-tack" (accompanied by some eye-rolling). Well, it was bloody Plasticene when I was at school!! *mutters under breath*

Anyway, I thought it was really cute: a little guy with fuzzy blue hair, sunbaking on a desert island.

Till I looked closer:

Oh. my. GOD!!!! My 11-year-old son is a total sicko!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Quick preview

Today's Body for LIFE meet went brilliantly, in spite of some seriously bad weather (it doesn't rain for weeks, and TODAY it has to bucket down?). It's been a long day, and I doubt I can construct a sentence properly, but here are a few pics.
Goodie bags (lots of lovely stuff for everyone!):

Some of the door prizes:

My friend, mentor and inspiration Debbie Rossi striking a pose with me, and showing just how far I have to go in the muscle-gaining department. Also just how short I really am:

It was Deb's birthday a couple of days ago and she asked me especially NOT to get her a birthday cake, but could I please make her one of my protein I made her (what else?) a special birthday protein cookie.

I'll report more tomorrow if I get a second. I'm soooooo tired. *yawns*

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I was lucky enough to get hold of some of Sara's fabulous whey protein, and I'm giving you all the hot news: it ROCKS!! This stuff is super-yummy, and mixes up well in a shaker too (unlike some I've tried).

So as soon as it's available, get your lovely selves over to the Sana site and order up big. She's not even paying me for the plug, honest!

Australia Post got a bit curious and opened my parcel to check whether the contents breached quarantine regulations.... how paranoid are they? I s'pose people do try to post some odd things though....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What day is this again?

As Liz noted, I've been quiet this week. That's because I'm B.U.S.Y. Not that I usually let that stop me blogging.... but here's a few observations on the state of my house right now:

- Last night's dishes are still on the sink. Bike Boy is extremely sick with a nasty sinus infection, and hasn't been up to his usual standards. I'll get to them eventually. Probably this afternoon.

- One couch in the lounge has disappeared under a mountain of clean washing (hey, at least it's CLEAN). The kids just sigh and dive in to rummage for clean socks each morning. Consequently there are also clothes all over the floor where they've dropped them and are apparently incapable of picking them up.

- The floor around me is strewn with client files. I'm either working on new programs for them or just updating my records. Or maybe my filing is just way behind.

- I think I can spot a couple of square cms of desk space amongst the other client files I'm working on, some new recipe books I need to go through and the empty coffee cups. I think the phone is here somewhere too. Lucky we have 3 handsets.

- The dining table is buried under house plans, flyers for blocks of land for sale, pages torn from the local paper, pencils, graph paper and more. We're investigating whether to move or extend. It's doing my head in....

So yeah - busy. I'm seriously thinking of getting this mob to come and rescue me before my family also disappear under a pile of washing, papers or whatever....

Monday, March 19, 2007

No, really?

Thanks to Kathryn, I've just been informed that today is the 10th anniversary of the very first screening of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Really, I think it should be declared a public holiday....we should all write to the Prime Minister. At once.

So I was sitting here trying to figure out which is my all-time favourite episode. There was the musical Once More With Feeling - I taped that and watched it 7 times in the same week. Then there was the scare-the-crap-completely-out-of-you creepy Hush. *shudders* And who could forget the two eps where Willow got to be a vampire? Classics! Actually, I think I have at least 5 favourites from each season.
How can you not love a petite little gal who can seriously kick some bad-guy butt? *sigh* 7 seasons just weren't enough......

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Q & A

Question from ChrisH:

“Having a difference of opinion with a fellow blogger..... she thinks doing 3 X 20 minute weight sessions a day will help burn fat just as a cardio workout will, and I have been lead to believe weight work will only tone and build muscle... and a cardio workout is the best way to burn calories and increase your heart rate to facilitate this. Can you put me right on this???”

OK….neither of you are exactly right, you need to do both kinds of training to get a hot bod. Weight training is DA BOMB! (that means it’s good, in case you’re wondering….) Here’s why:

First of all, a session of intense weight training will burn up calories – how many is impossible to say, since it depends on way too many variables. But there is plenty of evidence that you continue to burn calories for quite a while afterwards. However, that’s not the really good bit.

As you obviously know, weight training causes your muscles to grow - as long as you’re eating a reasonable amount of food and not following a stupidly low calorie diet, that is. And it takes more energy (calories) to maintain muscle than it does an equivalent amount of fat.

What this all means is that by building a decent amount of muscle, you will actually increase your metabolic rate – in plain English, you will burn up more calories just existing than someone with pathetic little girlie muscles. So your weight loss should accelerate if you’re doing it right.....and if you don't overeat to compensate. You know, those people who think "well, I did a workout today, so it's OK if I have those 2 donuts after lunch, a packet of Twisties in the afternoon and a large pizza for dinner". Don't laugh - I actually know someone who does this.

Personally, I’d do a little more than 20 minutes per session, but if you’re an absolute beginner, that’s probably a good place to start. 3 really good sessions per week, of say 40-45 minutes should really make your body sit up and take notice. And if you’re spending 8-10 hours per week on cardio, for God’s sake quit it now – it doesn’t help; in fact it’s counter-productive to muscle gain. You do still need to do cardio to improve fitness and burn up more calories, but cut back to a realistic combination of high and low intensity cardio. You need to train smarter, not harder/longer. Check out the Body-for-LIFE training plan for a great place to start.

If you’re worried about bulking up *tries hard to keep a straight face* PLEASE, just relax. It isn’t going to happen. Unless you are a total genetic freak who produces massive amounts of testosterone, which I seriously doubt. OK, or if you're a man. I started weight training 3 times a week when I was a size 18, and I was a bit tentative about it. After all, I wanted to burn up fat first and THEN I’d worry about toning…isn’t that how it works? Lucky for me, a gym instructor set me straight early on, and I lost about 9kg over a 6-month period. Then I discovered the fab combination of eating right, intensive weight training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and dropped another 7kg in only 12 weeks. Most significantly, I suddenly started getting compliments on my ‘toned’ arms and drastically improved shape.

So..…no waiting to weight train. Put your heart and soul into it and really push yourself. Forget about lifting girlie weights for sets of 15-20 reps or whatever crap you’ve been told. Lift the heaviest weight you can safely manage for 10-12 reps, do some near-death cardio intervals a few times a week, and just move your butt more the rest of the time. If you’re also eating right, you’ll see results. You should be walking out of the gym with jelly legs or arms and a great big grin plastered all over your between grimaces.

If you’re still not convinced, go do some reading. Here’s some homework for you:

You want proof? Here you go. This was me in January 2004 at around 70kg, and then in June 2004 at a reasonably buff 59kg (check out those calf muscles - no cankles here! And I do believe those are actually abs showing through there...for years I actually doubted that I had any! - The tan is fake, by the way) (oh God, another shot of me in my K Mart undies...didn't own a bikini....I never thought when I took those before pics that I'd actually show them to anyone. WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!):

So, the upshot is: if you want to be a buff goddess, get those weights happening, do some cardio, eat well (no starving yourself, but ease up on the choccies and takeaways), drink your water and don't underestimate the importance of rest. Yeah, there's a lot to think about.....

Cool widget

It isn't all about the end result

Friday, March 16, 2007

Something's working!

I was sitting here, answering an email, when I realised that I was slumping in my chair (tsk, tsk). So I straightened up and shifted my butt back on the seat when I noticed something: for the first time in 10 months, my coccyx isn't causing me pain when I sit!

I spent an hour with the osteo again this morning while she kneaded, stretched and poked various muscles and REALLY gave my lower back and neighboring areas a going-over. A bullet to bite on would have been handy....or a couple of stiff Scotches. She attacked my left piriformus really aggressively, manipulated my hip joints, got stuck into my tight hamstrings and did some pushing and pulling on various butt muscles that are connected to the sacrum. It hurt like hell, but looks like it was well worth it.

Good thing really - paying to lie around in my underwear having major pain inflicted on me isn't something I do for fun.

Exercise of the week

One of my online clients emailed me yesterday, all excited that she'd been able to do Swissball planks. Apparently she was the recipient of many admiring comments from other members at her gym, which gave her a huge boost.

These are one of my favourite ab exercises and they do look impressive.

Getting yourself into position can be tricky, so here's a little pointer: Kneel on the bench lengthways, not across it like in the picture above. So, with your knees and shins on the bench, line the ball up at the end, get your forearms positioned, then just push up onto your toes. If you wobble and fall, you can simply drop to your knees on the bench - much safer than toppling off the ball inelegantly onto the floor.

I've been doing these for ages, but I've found a new challenge - planks with both forearms AND feet on Swissballs. Might practice those at home before I embarrass myself at the gym....

What is this thing called, love?

We woke up this morning to a really odd phenomenon - there's this wet stuff falling from the sky. Lots of it.

Anyone got an idea what that is?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sheesh, go eat something, will you?

I've had a few run-ins lately with female acquaintances who seem to want to starve themselves while doing insane amounts of cardio, and actually think that this is a good way to lose weight. I've pretty much given up trying to tell them otherwise and these days just go "yeah, whatever....good luck with that" when they approach me to tell me all about their latest stupid diet.

God knows, they don't want to listen to ME..... hey, I've only lost a bazillion kilos and kept them off for several years now, overcome numerous health problems and CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE FOR THE BETTER. So, pfft.....who the hell am I to give advice?

Anyway, if you happen to be one of those nutty women, PLEASE get your saggy arse over to Skwigg's blog and read her latest reply to a query from a die-hard dieter. I'm asking you nicely. Pretty please.

Highly recommended

Saw Notes on a Scandal on the weekend. Excellent film! Go see it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Food bit of The Plan

I got my meal plan amendments, and I'm very pleased to discover that I get to have a home-made protein bar after each weights session, AND that I can have extra rice at lunch if I'm hungry. So meals will look something like this (apologies to those who find reading meal plans about as thrilling as darning socks.... just go read something else, OK?):

3/4 cup oats, cooked in water with a splash of skim milk and a little honey

Morning snack
1 cup plain yoghurt - the full fat kind....yeah!
Fruit (this is usually strawberries, blueberries or some other berries)

Chicken or tuna with 1 cup rice and lots of vegies

Afternoon snack
Whey protein in water

Chicken, fish or steak with a big pile of salad or steamed vegies and some sweet potato

Plus I now have to add the protein bar - it'll be flax seeds, whey protein and peanut butter, like the PN bars, but I'm to add oats as well. Since I usually train first thing, I may have to play around with my meal timing - after one of those bars, I doubt I'll feel like breakfast straight away.

Should be plenty of food to fuel some serious muscle-building.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Plan

Sara was curious about my training plan/nutrition plan etc. I don't have a new meal plan just yet - something will be forthcoming shortly. Meanwhile I'm just sticking to my boring old 5 meals a day with plenty of protein, lots of vegies and carbs from yoghurt, fruit, rice and sweet potato mainly.

Training's a 3-day split and goes like this:

Day 1 Chest/shoulders/triceps
Barbell bench press
Incline dumbbell bench press
Machine shoulder press (ouch!)
Lateral raise
Bent over lateral raise
Tri pushdowns

Day 2 Legs
Leg extensions
Smith machine squats
Leg press
Dumbbell squats
Fitball hamstring curls
Dumbbell lunges
Calf raises

Day 3 Back and biceps
Lat pulldown (wide grip)
Lat pulldown (reverse grip)
Seated row
Dumbbell curls
Hammer curls
Preacher curls

Plus I'm now doing a couple of ab exercises at the end of every session, which is a big change - I've only been doing one ab workout per week for the past year. And no, I'm not doing crunches on the ab machines.....

All exercises are 4 sets of 8, except abs, where I usually do 3 sets of 10-12.

Cardio is only 3 times a week, with 2 short interval sessions and one long walk or bike ride. Which suits me fine. I'm sure I'll be really hitting the cardio hard in a few months' time, but I'll deal with that when it happens.

Ab-solutely incredible

Today's a public holiday, so I slept in and went to the gym at 10:30....of course it was just about bursting at the seams. I really should know better.

Anyway, they had an area at the back roped off - apparently a big window there has cracked somehow and is in imminent danger of collapsing and showering glass everywhere. I assume they have to wait till tomorrow to get a man in to fix it, being a long weekend and all. So meanwhile, this little section is out of bounds, and it happens to be where the ab machines are.

These would have to be the most popular apparatus in the gym - almost everyone who comes in spends ages on them doing endless reps of crunches. And of course, they're a complete waste of time. You lie on the bench, grab the handles and push with your arms to lift your upper body. Yes, it does take some effort, but the fact that it's possible to do 100s of reps tells me that this is doing NOTHING to help build abdominal size and strength.

So all these women were coming in this morning and standing there looking at the red and white barrier tape, absolutely confounded. How on earth were they going to do their ab workout? I wanted to yell at them: Geez people, just pick up a medicine ball and crunch out 8-12 reps on the mat with perfect form and see how your abs feel!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bits and bobs

Yesterday BFLer Amanda dropped in for lunch. This may not seem like big news.... but I live in Melbourne and she lives in Canberra. And she came down just for the day - to look at a bike. Keen, or crazy? You be the judge.

She bought the bike - it's shiny, and pretty colours (both important factors to consider, of course) and then we sat in the sun and had lunch and chatted. I even cooked. Now that IS big news!


I did my new leg workout on Friday and GOD! Yesterday I was hobbling around like an old lady. It didn't seem like much of a change - the only differences are the addition of dumbbell squats and the removal of the one-legged leg press. Oh, and one extra set of everything - maybe that's what did it?

Yesterday was back and biceps, and I'm not really feeling it. Better up the weights next time.


Today I was planning a bike ride, but I'm not feeling very enthusiastic this morning, I'm just too tired. I think I'll substitute a walk instead. My current cardio program isn't a big ask - just 2 bike interval sessions and either a walk or a bike ride each week. With strict instructions not to go hard on the cycling, OR spend more than an hour in the saddle. I suppose that means I won't be doing my usual competitive "MUST overtake that guy up ahead" thing....

All in a good cause - I've gotta build me some more muscle. At least I can see the results of my efforts over the past year. My shoulders have really gained some width and my quads are coming along nicely. Still working on my lats though, I seem to make sloooooooow progress there.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

By request

LizN asked for a picture of my Precision nutrition protein bars, so anything to oblige:

They look a lot less turd-like when they're all trimmed neatly. :-)

As for the taste test, I really liked them. They have a nutty flavour, and like other home-made bars I've tried, are very sticky. You spend a lot of time picking bits of flax seeds out of your teeth. I even gave the kids a taste, and they all gave them the thumbs-up. Number One Son thought he should get to eat a whole one - as if! They're mine..... all mine!

To answer Liz's question, I get Xylitol from my local health food store. One of my clients recently found it at the supermarket though, so I'll be looking out for it. If it isn't in stock in Woop-Woop, you can order it online from Sweetlife and the Australian Sugar Free Zone. I think Thexton also stock it, but I'm off them at the moment.

Edit note: Stats on the bars:

Cals 283
Protein 29g
Carbs 11g (fibre 6g, sugars 2g)
Fat 15g (sat 3g, MUFA 5g, PUFA 6g)

Training changes and PN test-drive

I came across this website and got a good laugh at some of the sayings. A few of my favourites were:

As dry as a pommy's bath towel
As fine as frog’s hair
As difficult as nailing jelly to a tree
As nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
As useless as a chocolate fireguard
(I’m sure I could find a use for that)

On that note, I’ve been as busy as a one legged arse kicker the last few days. I have so much work to do I hardly know where to begin. So I’m just attacking it with a head down and bum up attitude, which seems to be working so far.

On the training front, I haven’t let being busy get in the way of my plans. So far this week, I’ve already managed to get one cardio interval session and 2 (short) walks in, plus a weights session, and it’s only Wednesday. Food’s right on track too – no Tim Tam balls for dinner in this house, no sir. *deftly changes the subject*

I have a new training program, which I started today. I’ve been doing a 2-day split, but I’m now going back to a 3-day split. Thank goodness. Doing shoulders/chest/triceps/back/biceps all in one workout was really quite an effort and I felt as though the muscle groups I worked last weren’t really getting a good go. So it’s back to more sets per muscle group. I’m enjoying the change but it means a bit of mucking around to get the right weights again, which is always a pain. Today was chest/shoulders/tris and that went OK…. Apart from the weird sore bit on the bony part of my left shoulder that’s been bugging me for a few days. No idea what that’s about. I'd better remember to mention it to Torture Lady (aka my osteopath) when I see her next.

I'm finally getting into my Precision Nutrition pack, and there’s a treasure trove of good stuff in there. I’ve listened to the CDs in the car and spent my lunch breaks reading through the recipes. I’ve yet to check out the DVDs though – maybe on the upcoming long weekend….

Last night I decided to try out a really simple protein bar recipe made from flax meal, whey protein, peanut butter, a little Xylitol and water. And I added some organic cocoa, just for extra chocolate-y goodness. They were super-easy to make but unfortunately look rather like turds, which gave The Baby a fit of the giggles. Didn’t stop him from wanting to eat one though.

I’ll be brave and test one out this afternoon and report back.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pop squats: the sequel

I was feeling quite smug last night - not a hint of soreness from yesterday's pop squats. Usually, my adductors start complaining pretty loudly within a few hours of doing those things. So I was feeling more than a bit superior in a Hey, I completely kick arse kind of way. This morning when I got up at the ungodly Saturday hour of 6:00am, I had just a twinge of ouchiness in my glutes. Now? Now my glutes, hamstrings and quads are ON FIRE. Feels like my arse got kicked alright.

Still no sign of my adductors joining the pain party though. Thank goodness for small mercies.


For Chris H and anyone else who's wondering but is too shy to ask, here's an explanation of the exercise I love to hate:

Pop squats are a plyometric exercise, and probably not a good idea for anyone with bad knees or ankles...or a dodgy back, for that matter. They're a little hard to describe, so I'm enlisting some help from she-of-the-amazing-six-pack, Jen H....(all bow and fawn in adoration, please)....

Start in a standing position, abs braced, back nice and straight (of course). Jump stright upwards, landing in a wide squat position. Make sure you land softly, and PLEASE wear shoes with good lateral support - you really don't want to roll an ankle. Explode upwards again, landing back in the starting position. These are not performed slowly, by the way - nice and quick, and no resting in between. Superset them with other leg exercises, cardio intervals, or anything you like for a killer workout.

Don't come crying to me when your turned-to-concrete legs won't let you get out of bed the next day though. You have been warned.....

Spiky butt balls

Being the top friend that I am, I went internet-hunting for rehab aids for Sara's lazy ass, and I found a veritable treasure trove of spiky balls, rollers and other torture devices from EMP right here in good old Melbourne.

And they do online orders - hopefully they ship to New Zealand.

Some of those things look like they ought to be sold in one of those "adult" shops. *snigger*

I went back to the site today to check them out for my own purposes, since I too (apparently) have a somewhat lazy rear end, but I got all distracted by this:

It's a BOSU copy..... for the bargain price of ONLY $69!!!! I've been wanting a BOSU for so long.... well, ever since Filex last April, when Selina and I participated in the most HILARIOUS cardio/core class ever. But those things are so expensive, I was beginning to think that they were hand-knitted from the gossamer hair of newborn fairy babes or something.

I am SO getting me one of these cheap-arse copies!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Pop squats..... yeah!

On Wednesday I woke when the alarm went off at 5:30 only to realise that I had a pounding headache. Great. I got up, stumbled around in the dark for a minute, picked up my track pants, put them down again and decided to go back to bed. Heaving weights around at the gym seemed like a really, really bad idea.

So I was running a bit behind with my training schedule, AND I was having a blah week to boot. This morning's schedule didn't really leave much time for cardio, unless I got up early. That's not usually a problem, but I seriously needed extra sleep, so it wasn't all that appealing. A little creative thinking and I came up with the solution: I could do my cardio session WITH my 10:30 client.

She was booked for a cardio/legs/abs workout, so I decided to really test her out and give her the old Jen Hendershott treatment. *laughs evilly* So we did one of my favourite workouts - one person does 3 minutes on the treadmill, while the other cranks out 20 pop squats, 10 pushups and 20 crunches, then they swap. Repeat for a total of 24 minutes or until somebody pukes. If you finish your sets of pop squats/pushups/crunches before 3 minutes are up, you get to catch your breath.

My client survived, and I then put her through some torture by step (reverse lunges off a step - I LOVE those!) and some more ab work. If she can walk tomorrow, it'll be a miracle.

The really good part was, while I got a bit sweaty, I didn't actually find it a particularly hard workout - much easier than the last time I did it anyway. Seems all the biking has made a huge difference to my cardio fitness. I think I may just feel the effects of the pop squats tomorrow though.


The osteo got stuck into me again this morning, gave my shoulder a really good working over. She also worked on my lower back and discovered that my left piriformus is causing me some trouble. I had no idea it was even sore till she started poking it! She almost made me cry..... I had to practice some deep breathing techniques to get through the session. I just kept repeating to myself: 3 babies - no pain relief. 3 babies - no pain relief. If I can handle that, surely I can handle a bit of muscle poking?

After 3 treatments, the verdict is, if I want to permanently fix my twisted and tilting pelvis, I really have to start wearing my orthotics again, and I need to look at getting a heel lift to even out the leg length discrepancy that I seem to have. Why is that an issue, you ask? Because it means that I can't wear nice shoes. Do you have any idea how many pairs of lovely, lovely shoes I have? 90% of them will be unwearable with orthotics.

Trainers and granny shoes - that's all I'll be able to wear.


Listen up, minions!

Last night I informed Bike Boy that henceforth, I shall answer only to "your Supreme Buffness". He just rolled his eyes.

Off with his head!