Monday, March 12, 2007

Ab-solutely incredible

Today's a public holiday, so I slept in and went to the gym at 10:30....of course it was just about bursting at the seams. I really should know better.

Anyway, they had an area at the back roped off - apparently a big window there has cracked somehow and is in imminent danger of collapsing and showering glass everywhere. I assume they have to wait till tomorrow to get a man in to fix it, being a long weekend and all. So meanwhile, this little section is out of bounds, and it happens to be where the ab machines are.

These would have to be the most popular apparatus in the gym - almost everyone who comes in spends ages on them doing endless reps of crunches. And of course, they're a complete waste of time. You lie on the bench, grab the handles and push with your arms to lift your upper body. Yes, it does take some effort, but the fact that it's possible to do 100s of reps tells me that this is doing NOTHING to help build abdominal size and strength.

So all these women were coming in this morning and standing there looking at the red and white barrier tape, absolutely confounded. How on earth were they going to do their ab workout? I wanted to yell at them: Geez people, just pick up a medicine ball and crunch out 8-12 reps on the mat with perfect form and see how your abs feel!


Kathryn said...

A friend of mine actually said to me that she couldn't see why people did crunches when there is a machine for it at the gym. Apparently exercising using a machine is the best option!

Unknown said...

I get how people may want to use a machine if they have back and neck discomfort and using the machine might help them with their form - but surely if you can't use the machine, there are LOADS of other options; it's not the end of the world! They could've done normal crunches, the bicycle for the obliques, plank/hover; if there was a Swiss Ball around they could've done the crunches on that... dearie me >_<

Jadey said...

Too funny. People get their routines and all hell shall break loose if those routines are interrupted you know!

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