Wednesday, March 07, 2007

By request

LizN asked for a picture of my Precision nutrition protein bars, so anything to oblige:

They look a lot less turd-like when they're all trimmed neatly. :-)

As for the taste test, I really liked them. They have a nutty flavour, and like other home-made bars I've tried, are very sticky. You spend a lot of time picking bits of flax seeds out of your teeth. I even gave the kids a taste, and they all gave them the thumbs-up. Number One Son thought he should get to eat a whole one - as if! They're mine..... all mine!

To answer Liz's question, I get Xylitol from my local health food store. One of my clients recently found it at the supermarket though, so I'll be looking out for it. If it isn't in stock in Woop-Woop, you can order it online from Sweetlife and the Australian Sugar Free Zone. I think Thexton also stock it, but I'm off them at the moment.

Edit note: Stats on the bars:

Cals 283
Protein 29g
Carbs 11g (fibre 6g, sugars 2g)
Fat 15g (sat 3g, MUFA 5g, PUFA 6g)


Petra said...

Ahh... if you ever come through Lowood in SE Queensland... Go to their SPAR can find Xylotol in their health food section which is very sensibly placed right after the fruit and vegie section.

It's incredible stuff this Xylotol... very very sweet indeed.

Chris H said...

Yep, once trimmed doesn't look much like a turd, but the colour... is turd-like ! Enjoy

Sara said...

How much to you guys over there pay for Xylitol? I read some interesting studies recently that it can also help protect against osteoporosis - high in Calcium and Phosphorous.

Kek your protein bars look delish. I hope you were wearing that Domestic Goddess dress and licking the spoon while you were making a batch.

LizN said...

They actually look really good - I thought "chocolate'! before I thought "turd"! so it's all good. Are they very big? And what are the stats on these :)


Kek said...

Sara, I paid about $13 for 300g of Xylitol last time I bought it - but I don't shop around, I just make a desperate dash for the health food place when I realise I've run out.

That Sweetlife site has 500g for $11.50, and the bigger packs are much cheaper - go check it out.

Ooh, they have sachets - perfect for travelling! I may have to do some online shopping....

Petra said...

Oooh... I got a bargain... the supermarket has 225g packs and I paid... wait for it $6.95 for it.

Probably won't get it at that price ever again.

Kek... Jodie told me you have a great Banana cake recipe...

Jadey said...

Recipe please!

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