Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cool widget


Chris H said...

I have a question for you (seeing as you are a fitness nut!)... if you don't mind that is? Having a difference of opinion with a fellow blogger..... she thinks doing 3 X 20 minute weight sessions a day will help burn fat just as a cardio workout will, and I have been lead to believe weight work will only tone and build muscle... and a cardio workout is the best way to burn calories and increase your heart rate to facilitate this. Can you put me right on this??? I don't want to argue with anyone ever, so I only want to know the facts for my own information, not to shove it down someone's throat! I would really appreciate you putting me right on this if you can. Thanks.

LizN said...

Chris, it doesn't exactly work that way, but I'll let Kerryn answer your question.

Love your widget. For some reason mine would not post properly so it's on display for a little while :)

Liz ;)

Kek said...

Liz, feel free to jump in and add your 2c certainly know your stuff!

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