Friday, March 16, 2007

Exercise of the week

One of my online clients emailed me yesterday, all excited that she'd been able to do Swissball planks. Apparently she was the recipient of many admiring comments from other members at her gym, which gave her a huge boost.

These are one of my favourite ab exercises and they do look impressive.

Getting yourself into position can be tricky, so here's a little pointer: Kneel on the bench lengthways, not across it like in the picture above. So, with your knees and shins on the bench, line the ball up at the end, get your forearms positioned, then just push up onto your toes. If you wobble and fall, you can simply drop to your knees on the bench - much safer than toppling off the ball inelegantly onto the floor.

I've been doing these for ages, but I've found a new challenge - planks with both forearms AND feet on Swissballs. Might practice those at home before I embarrass myself at the gym....

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Shauna said...

wow! and a nice reminder of my absolute beginner status :)

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