Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Food bit of The Plan

I got my meal plan amendments, and I'm very pleased to discover that I get to have a home-made protein bar after each weights session, AND that I can have extra rice at lunch if I'm hungry. So meals will look something like this (apologies to those who find reading meal plans about as thrilling as darning socks.... just go read something else, OK?):

3/4 cup oats, cooked in water with a splash of skim milk and a little honey

Morning snack
1 cup plain yoghurt - the full fat kind....yeah!
Fruit (this is usually strawberries, blueberries or some other berries)

Chicken or tuna with 1 cup rice and lots of vegies

Afternoon snack
Whey protein in water

Chicken, fish or steak with a big pile of salad or steamed vegies and some sweet potato

Plus I now have to add the protein bar - it'll be flax seeds, whey protein and peanut butter, like the PN bars, but I'm to add oats as well. Since I usually train first thing, I may have to play around with my meal timing - after one of those bars, I doubt I'll feel like breakfast straight away.

Should be plenty of food to fuel some serious muscle-building.


LizN said...

hooray for full fat yoghurt! Is someone preparing you for this competition? And how long are you building musckels for :) I'm just about to start in about 4 weeks when I get home - toying with the idea of competing in October again :)

Liz ;)

Kek said...

Liz, I have an online trainer - I've been with Michael Tabban Online for just over a year now, so I'm sticking with them for my comp prep. They certainly have plenty of success!

Online training suits me perfectly, since I can do my actual workouts whenever/wherever they suit me. Of course, I'll have to go do some in-person training later on, at least for posing practice and so on.

I'm not sure about the timing, or when the dreaded cutting phase will begin... I really should ask more questions. ;-)

Unknown said...

MMM... that mealplan is making me hungry! *lol*

Kathryn said...

Does the full fat yoghurt include greek yoghurt? Because I'd highly recommend Tamar Valley :)

Kek said...

I prefer Jalna natural to any kind of Greek...

Sara said...

HORRAY! I love nothing more (ok, ALMOST nothing more) than reading what other people eat. Specifically FIT, HOT MAMAS like you my dear! I can't wait to see your results!

Jadey said...

Maybe I should steal your nutrition plan :p

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