Friday, March 02, 2007

Listen up, minions!

Last night I informed Bike Boy that henceforth, I shall answer only to "your Supreme Buffness". He just rolled his eyes.

Off with his head!


Debstar said...

What's wrong with the man. I'll call you that if you want. Although after reading about the 200kg leg presses I think you should be called 'O Mighty One'.

Sairs said...

Oh your Majesty of all that is lean and Buff! Share with us, your loyal followers, your wisdom.

I realy hope you can pull this off, I've been fighting for years to have my business cards read either "I'm beautiful and everyone loves me" or "Diva - what's YOUR business?"

SeLiNa said...

How rude!!!
"Off with his head!!"

Shauna said...

off with his head!

Shauna said...

aww man. just realised somebody already made that comment :P

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