Friday, March 02, 2007

Pop squats..... yeah!

On Wednesday I woke when the alarm went off at 5:30 only to realise that I had a pounding headache. Great. I got up, stumbled around in the dark for a minute, picked up my track pants, put them down again and decided to go back to bed. Heaving weights around at the gym seemed like a really, really bad idea.

So I was running a bit behind with my training schedule, AND I was having a blah week to boot. This morning's schedule didn't really leave much time for cardio, unless I got up early. That's not usually a problem, but I seriously needed extra sleep, so it wasn't all that appealing. A little creative thinking and I came up with the solution: I could do my cardio session WITH my 10:30 client.

She was booked for a cardio/legs/abs workout, so I decided to really test her out and give her the old Jen Hendershott treatment. *laughs evilly* So we did one of my favourite workouts - one person does 3 minutes on the treadmill, while the other cranks out 20 pop squats, 10 pushups and 20 crunches, then they swap. Repeat for a total of 24 minutes or until somebody pukes. If you finish your sets of pop squats/pushups/crunches before 3 minutes are up, you get to catch your breath.

My client survived, and I then put her through some torture by step (reverse lunges off a step - I LOVE those!) and some more ab work. If she can walk tomorrow, it'll be a miracle.

The really good part was, while I got a bit sweaty, I didn't actually find it a particularly hard workout - much easier than the last time I did it anyway. Seems all the biking has made a huge difference to my cardio fitness. I think I may just feel the effects of the pop squats tomorrow though.


The osteo got stuck into me again this morning, gave my shoulder a really good working over. She also worked on my lower back and discovered that my left piriformus is causing me some trouble. I had no idea it was even sore till she started poking it! She almost made me cry..... I had to practice some deep breathing techniques to get through the session. I just kept repeating to myself: 3 babies - no pain relief. 3 babies - no pain relief. If I can handle that, surely I can handle a bit of muscle poking?

After 3 treatments, the verdict is, if I want to permanently fix my twisted and tilting pelvis, I really have to start wearing my orthotics again, and I need to look at getting a heel lift to even out the leg length discrepancy that I seem to have. Why is that an issue, you ask? Because it means that I can't wear nice shoes. Do you have any idea how many pairs of lovely, lovely shoes I have? 90% of them will be unwearable with orthotics.

Trainers and granny shoes - that's all I'll be able to wear.



Kathryn said...

A friend and I have been thinking about doing our own version of bootcamp so I'll have to remember that workout.

SeLiNa said...

But you will be a very hot 'granny'!!! ;)
And WHOO HOO to the Jen H workout, sounds tough, sounds awesome!!!

Sara said...

Heh.. Selina called you a 'granny'.. watch out Selina, she's fast!

Kek, you need a spiky torture ball for that piriformis. No kidding, it makes you cry but your butt loves you later.

Debstar said...

I thought my daughter was getting too used to the circuit we were doing so I gave your workout a go this morning. EXCELLENT. We added 20 power lunges to it as well. In the end my daughter was begging for mercy. bwaaaahaahaa.

Kek said...

Deb, I bow to your superior mother-to-child cruelty. Makes my efforts look puny in comparison. You totally win!

Sara, I am definitely getting a spiky butt ball - how can I resist after you make it sound so much fun? :S

Deb said...

Bummer Kek. Keep slowing rehabilitating yourself and see if you can get additional relief there. Hope you rid of that (with out orthodics) soon!

Chris H said...

Wow, just found your blog.... you sound amazing. I also am turning into a gym junkie, so much fun! But hey, what is a pop squat? I probably do them, just don't know it?

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