Saturday, March 24, 2007

Quick preview

Today's Body for LIFE meet went brilliantly, in spite of some seriously bad weather (it doesn't rain for weeks, and TODAY it has to bucket down?). It's been a long day, and I doubt I can construct a sentence properly, but here are a few pics.
Goodie bags (lots of lovely stuff for everyone!):

Some of the door prizes:

My friend, mentor and inspiration Debbie Rossi striking a pose with me, and showing just how far I have to go in the muscle-gaining department. Also just how short I really am:

It was Deb's birthday a couple of days ago and she asked me especially NOT to get her a birthday cake, but could I please make her one of my protein I made her (what else?) a special birthday protein cookie.

I'll report more tomorrow if I get a second. I'm soooooo tired. *yawns*


Jadey said...

That looks great!

Chris H said...

Personally, I think ya look fan-bloody-tastic! Do you really want big muscles? LIke ... How big?

Debstar said...

Congratulations Kerryn. Its so good to hear that it all went so well for you.

The rest of us mere mortals think you look damn good girl!

Deb said...

Hey fun is that?! I started lifting again this last week and yeah!!!!!! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kek said...

Well, thanks's not so much about SIZE as SYMMETRY. I'm aiming for a figure competition in about 6 months' time, so I have a little work to do. When I strip off the fat, I don't want to be skinny.

It's funny how your ideal changes over time....I might post about that another time.

Chris H said...

I kinda know what you are getting at about the symmetry.... how your muscles look in comparison to your size etc.... I am working on that kinda... but have too much fat still.... boo hoooo.

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