Friday, March 16, 2007

Something's working!

I was sitting here, answering an email, when I realised that I was slumping in my chair (tsk, tsk). So I straightened up and shifted my butt back on the seat when I noticed something: for the first time in 10 months, my coccyx isn't causing me pain when I sit!

I spent an hour with the osteo again this morning while she kneaded, stretched and poked various muscles and REALLY gave my lower back and neighboring areas a going-over. A bullet to bite on would have been handy....or a couple of stiff Scotches. She attacked my left piriformus really aggressively, manipulated my hip joints, got stuck into my tight hamstrings and did some pushing and pulling on various butt muscles that are connected to the sacrum. It hurt like hell, but looks like it was well worth it.

Good thing really - paying to lie around in my underwear having major pain inflicted on me isn't something I do for fun.


liz said...

Sounds like that osteo is doing a good job. The last physio I went to massaged for about 10 minutes, then put those electrode thingys on and I didnt see her again for the remainder of the hour! $60!!! Pfft!

Chris H said...

Wish my tail bone would settle down, ever since I lost the weight it gives me shit! I didn't even know I had one till I lost all the weight! I spent a lot of time jumping out of seats to see what I was sitting on till I realised it was me own butt! WAs very funny!

Kek said...

Electrode thingies? Hmm, at least that would be less painful than hands, thumbs, elbows and sometimes knees stuck into sore muscles.

This girl is a gem - she fixed my beloved spouse's chronic ITB problem with only 3 visits. That was 3 months ago and he hasn't had a problem since. I'm sure she'd be worth you travelling the distance if you need anything done, Liz.

Chris, lack of bum-padding can be a problem when you're used to a more cushiony seat. ;-)

LizN said...

I thought osteopaths were meant to be more gentle souls?


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