Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spiky butt balls

Being the top friend that I am, I went internet-hunting for rehab aids for Sara's lazy ass, and I found a veritable treasure trove of spiky balls, rollers and other torture devices from EMP right here in good old Melbourne.

And they do online orders - hopefully they ship to New Zealand.

Some of those things look like they ought to be sold in one of those "adult" shops. *snigger*

I went back to the site today to check them out for my own purposes, since I too (apparently) have a somewhat lazy rear end, but I got all distracted by this:

It's a BOSU copy..... for the bargain price of ONLY $69!!!! I've been wanting a BOSU for so long.... well, ever since Filex last April, when Selina and I participated in the most HILARIOUS cardio/core class ever. But those things are so expensive, I was beginning to think that they were hand-knitted from the gossamer hair of newborn fairy babes or something.

I am SO getting me one of these cheap-arse copies!!


MTB Girl said...

You can also use tennis balls for this instead of the spiky balls - one each side of the spine and rolling up and down is heaven for tight shoulders.

Stubby said...

That BOSU copy thingy looks intriguing ... I am wincing with pain just trying to imagine what exercises you could do with on/with those... ouch.

Those spikey balls are very cheeky ;) :P

LizN said...

Foam rollers are also da bomb!

I hope that BOSU knock off is good value. I don't regret spending the extra $ on a real one :)

And, yes, these tools could pass for sex toys ;)


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