Thursday, March 22, 2007


I was lucky enough to get hold of some of Sara's fabulous whey protein, and I'm giving you all the hot news: it ROCKS!! This stuff is super-yummy, and mixes up well in a shaker too (unlike some I've tried).

So as soon as it's available, get your lovely selves over to the Sana site and order up big. She's not even paying me for the plug, honest!

Australia Post got a bit curious and opened my parcel to check whether the contents breached quarantine regulations.... how paranoid are they? I s'pose people do try to post some odd things though....


Deb said...

Damn Americans! Hey Kek! Lifted for the first time in over a week this last Tues. I'm thinking..."this feels pretty easy", so I concentrated on form. Holy @&%$!!! I am soooooo sore (but love it). Thanks for the inspiration. ;)

Sara said...

Aw thanks for the free endorsement! (big kiss!)I just try to make stuff taste nice without adding too much of the stuff that makes it taste nice (whey on it's own is kind of gross).

Yeah Deb, Good form will make lighter weights seem very heavy quite quickly. Use a mirror (confronting but very useful).


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