Sunday, April 08, 2007

All I got for Easter....

.....was a lousy 4 squares of chocolate!

Teehee! Of course, it was Max Brenner dark chocolate, and those 4 squares weigh around 500g. Bike Boy surprised me - we don't normally give each other Easter gifts.

I also got the lovely choc-truffle ball thingies. Note the sticker on the bag, which reads: Chocolate is good for you. Well, der!


The little boys were up early, eager to go Easter egg hunting. I tried to snap some photos, but you've never seen two kids move so fast.

Apparently, Easter egg hunting is a competitive sport. The fact that I always redistribute the loot afterwards to make sure they get an equal share makes no difference - it's still important to grab more eggs than your brother.

We then sat down to breakfast - cooked on the barbie, of course.

Of course, The Baby was more interested in the chocolate eggs than the kind that come from chooks. I give it 3 days tops, and all his chocolate will be a distant memory.


Selina said...

Great pics!!
Looks like heapsa fun!!!!
I gave my mummy the block of Koko Black choc :) (It was saved and hidden in the freezer) ;) Don't know how i managed to stay away from it for that long...
Can't wait till she opens it! ;)
have a nice day!!

Hann said...

Those chockies do look nice though! The Barbie looks great!

Chris H said...

Your wee boy looks like a scream! Mine had chocolate and a banana for breakfast! Well, it was kinda 'balanced' eh? Great fun.

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