Sunday, April 15, 2007

The details

Thanks for all the good vibes...I'm sure they helped.

Here's how today went down: We drove out to check out the block. Even though the roads aren't yet made, they ARE under construction, so we used the excavated street outline and the surveyor's pegs to find the right block (which involved scrabbling down and then up a dry creek bed.... boy, is THAT going to be an attraction for little boys!). Turns out it's perfectly flat, not near the main road, not in sight of the power lines and pretty much Goldilocks' dream - ju-u-u-ust right.

Then we called to see the lovely, helpful (and undoubtedly commission-based) sales lady, who answered all our questions, showed us how the house will sit on the block and allayed all Bike Boy's fears - he's just naturally suspicious, the poor love. Meanwhile I was almost jumping out of my skin with excitement. So we handed over a token deposit, signed contracts in at least a million places, and received a glossy brochure and a bottle of champagne for our trouble.

This is how the place looks - and no, we do NOT want much yard to take care of, thanks!:

Here's the funny thing - the block is actually smaller than our current one, and the house is close to three times the size of this place.

Now I just have to go talk to the builder, sort out some stuff with the bank, get a few estate agents to come and look at our house and ...oh, about a trillion other things, in my spare time. Should be a snap. Yeah.


Savy said...

Oh, but it's SO exciting!!!!!!!!


Sue said...

Yeah for you guys, sure looks good even if I can't read the writing;-)

Chris H said...

WE also have a big home on a small block... just perfect! It only takes Stew 20 minutes to do the lawns.... on the flip side though, it takes me about 2 hours to do the vacuming! Ok ok, I exaggerate.. 1 and a half hours! And 3 toilets, 3 showers, 2 baths... I need a housekeeper!

Debstar said...

Congratulations Kerryn. Looks like you could pave the entire yard. That would save time on the lawnmowing. Next will be the fun of working out the colour scheme.

Kek said...

Hmm, paving, decking and mulch with drought-tolerant plantings will be the go, for sure - no lawns to mow! Besides, it's impossible to keep the damn grass alive with the water restrictions.

We ARE looking at putting in a pool though...who knows, we may even be allowed to fill it by the time we've finished building.

Oh, and it's 5-star energy rated, so water tanks, grey water diversion, solar boosted gas hot water and lots more money-saving features.

I want it NOW!

LizN said...

How exciting Kek!

I hope you have "home gym" built in there somewhere.


Kek said...

Are you KIDDING Liz? Of course, that was high on the list of priorities, right alongside his 'n hers walk-in robes. :)

The room in the top right-hand corner there (supposedly the rumpus room) is designated as my PT studio/office.

Deb said...

I'm thrilled for you!! More space is always good. Now the real fun begins...try to stay relaxed through it all!

Shauna said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH been away for the weekend and missed the good news. congrats kek! looks bloody fab :)

Chris H said...

Just to be a pain, I have given you a Thinking Bloggers Award... it's a pass it on type of thing.. so pop over to my blog to find out what it means ... ta.

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