Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dinner is served

Bike Boy served us up a mighty fine dinner last night. It went like this:
Oysters Kilpatrick
Stir-fried prawns with garlic, ginger and chilli...and some other stuff (don't ask me, I'm not the chef)

Baked blue-eye fillets with lemon and pepper

Three fine, fishy courses!

There was also rather a lot of champagne drunk. Consequently, I wasn't feeling too flash this morning. Note to self: do NOT get rat-arsed when you have to get up to train clients the next morning. 'Scuse me while I go take some panadol and lie down for a bit. *groans*


I've created a monster - I got back from the gym at lunchtime to find that my beloved had been shopping and bought the following accessories for his new pride and joy:

  • a flannel-lined cover (what? does it get cold or something?)
  • a warming rack
  • a rotisserie

I foresee many, many meals cooked outdoors over the coming months.


LizN said...

Enjoy your BBQ Kek! I found it a boon with comp prep, I simply threw my chicken or whatever on the barbie and served with fresh veggies. Perfect.

Liz ;)

Deb said...

Boys and fire... you've got to love it! ;)

Chris H said...

Watch him, he might want to keep it beside his bed next.... ha ha ha. Thank you for your comment yesterday, I really appreciated it.

Selina said...

Awww nice new silver BBQ :) Looks exactly like the one my parents just bought! Tis the season!!
Your easter sunday sounds great fun with the kids!! Ahhh traditions, it's no fun when you grow out of them :)
Have a lovely day!!
ps: do NOT get rat-arsed when training a client the next morning ;P

Ma. Luisa said...

Nice blog!

Debstar said...

For as long as Bike Boy does the cooking you should keep very quiet Kek.

I believe alcohol should not be consumed over Easter. Obviously it has extra magical powers at this time. You weren't the only one feeling seedy!

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