Thursday, April 05, 2007

Doing my bit

If you're in any Australian capital city and you can run or walk, please sign up for the Mothers' Day Classic 4km or 8km event. Or if you can't possibly enter, then sponsor somebody who can, or just make a donation.

I've entered this run the last 2 years and will be doing it again this year, and I'd love to meet up with anyone else who's able to do the Melbourne event.

If you like, you can dedicate your run or walk to someone you know who's been affected by breast cancer, and you can even wear a tribute placard pinned to the back of your shirt. The sheer number of placards is mind-boggling and every time I pass someone (or they pass me) wearing one, I get all choked up.... which makes running kind of challenging.

I'll be running in memory of my friend Jose, who died 2 years ago this month. I can't help her, or do anything to ease the pain of her husband or her 3 kids, but at least I can do my little bit to help science get a step closer to stamping out breast cancer.


liz said...

Oooh, which one did you sign up for, 4 or 8? I'll head over there now.

MTB Girl said...

Hey Kek, I'll be doing the run in Canberra, and I'm getting a team together from work too. Sairs also said she is going to run.

Chris H said...

I hope you get lots of sponsors .... I would run/walk with you if I was there! well, walk .....

Sairs said...

Yep. I'm in doing the Adelaide run. Only 4kms, don't want to be too ambitious just yet!
Kristy and I might even get ourselves sorted out to do it together! :-)
I don't want to hijack Kek's blog, but I really like the idea of a virtual team. Lots of us, all running in our own towns, knowing that the others are right there with us, pounding their local circuit too. I am thrilled to think that we're kinda 'sharing' the experience in this very special and important event!

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