Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter traditions

Our new barbeque arrived last night - in two huge boxes. Bike Boy has the task of putting the monster together today so that he can cook us a fabulous Good Friday fish feast for dinner tonight. Not that either of us is the least bit religious - eating fish on Good Friday was something that both our families adhered to when we were growing up, and for some reason we stuck to it when we left home.

At first we used to go buy fish & chips, but the wait for service just became ridiculous, so for years now we've stocked up on fishy treats at the market instead. Tonight's delights include oysters, prawns and blue-eye - I can't wait!

The kids, of course, are just hanging out for Sunday when they can make themselves ill on tonnes of chocolate. Easter Bunny stops coming to the kids in our family once they start high school (so does Santa, for that matter), so only The Baby gets a visit from His Fluffiness these days. Of course there are plenty of choc treats from Mum and Dad for them all, so it's not like anyone misses out. And luckily for The Middle Child, our youngest likes some company (and competition) when it comes to Easter egg hunts, so they both still get to scamper around the yard looking for goodies hidden in pot plants or under leaves.

Next year, when the bunny stops coming, I think we will need some new traditions - well, I have a whole year to give that some thought.

Today, I'm taking the day off from work - I'm off to the gym in a tick, then plan to spend some time in the garden. I have a lot to do around this place to bring it up to scratch. There is a reason for the sudden flurry of domestic activity - more about that later.

Have a relaxing Easter, all - and don't eat too much of that chocolate, even if it really DOES have no calories on Sunday.

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LizN said...

Hope you enjoy Easter! I wish I was going to Filex, but I have to deal with this thing called moving. Who knows, we could meet next year :)


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