Saturday, April 28, 2007

Filex summary - FINALLY!

Yes, I've been slack, but here are the highlights (or possibly lowlights) of my FILEX weekend:


I booked into a lecture or workshop for every single session, which was a total of 14 in 3 days. Last year, I went for mostly hands-on practical workshops. This year, I completely lost my mind and chose mostly *yawn* lectures. And mostly BUSINESS lectures, at that. *lapses into a coma*

SO, I was a totally bad influence on Selina, who of course is a dedicated, never-puts-a-foot-wrong ANGEL, and we wagged a few of the more nerdy sessions. Including the keynote address - Starbucks seemed like a hell of a lot more fun. Besides, how can you catch up with your friends and get some serious shopping in if you're stuck in lectures the whole time?

I did learn some stuff - some good business ideas (although, if I never hear the word "marketing" again, I'll be quite happy, thanks), plus a little bit of interesting training stuff. Next time, I'm going to strike more of a balance in my choices.


The shopping was fabulous. Lorna Jane had heaps of great stuff, so I bought up on the Friday. I know from past experience that they sell out pretty fast and they don't bring in any extra stock, so you gotta get in quick. I also picked up a couple of pieces from Rockwear on the Sunday, when they were discounting heavily. I'm now all set to look fabulous in the gym - especially with my new LJ crop tops with the asset-enhancing padding.

I added to my supplement collection too - there were some real bargains! I grabbed some Ladybird Women's Whey in cookies 'n cream flavour to try. It's good. I didn't chase free samples as aggressively as last year, but I managed to pick up quite a few anyway. Some gels, some protein, some bars.

And I got a spiky butt ball. :-D


Selina and I pimped for UltraFit magazine, wearing a promotional t-shirt around the expo, and got a free box of protein bars for our efforts. No, we have no shame. Besides, it's a great mag. And how can I say no to the editor, when he says to me every year at the expo: "Hey, I know you - you've been in the magazine!" What a memory - that was way back in 2005. Or 2004. See, even I can't remember!


On the Sunday, I sat down to have lunch at the expo and a HUGE guy sat at the other end of the table. Every time a young bloke walked past, they'd be checking him out - his arms were massive, so he really stood out. Anyway, I noticed him eating chicken, sweet potato and broccoli out of a Tupperware container, so I put two and two together and figured he was competing soon.... Turns out he was only a week off competing and he was completely OVER chicken. I ended up having a long chat with him about bodybuilding and nutrition. He looked really scary, but he was actually a really nice guy.


Sunday night I got stuck at Sydney airport for about 4 hours. They closed the airport to all traffic, due to thunderstorms. Do you have any idea how boring airports are when you don't have your laptop, you've spent most of your money, and you're alone? So I paid an extravagant price for a glass of wine, picked up a trash magazine to pass the time and tried not to think about the box of Krispy Kremes sitting at my feet - I bought them for the kids, it's a family tradition when a parent flies home from Sydney.... anyway, I did NOT eat a single one, but not because of ny strength of character, just because I actually hate donuts.


I had an amusing experience on the flight home - I'll write about it later though, gotta get to my first client for the day.


Deb said...

I swear...only you. Spikey butt ball! LOL! Sounds like a great time, but I'm with you on the lectures. Balance those babies out or it can be brutal!

Sara said...

But, what will you call him? It's essential to 'own' your butt ball and name it. That way you know who to swear at when it is causing you excrutiating, yet oh so worth it, pain.

Selina said...

I'm still so p!ssed that I lost my spikey butt ball. I reckon it was when i pulled my jacket outta my bag in Shane Bilsborough's final session :(
And yes of course I would have been an angel and done that opening session... ;) HA! cept I hadn't had my coffee so would have been snoozing up the back :P
Haven't even opened my cookies and cream powder yet :) Good to hear it's yummo though!

kathrynoh said...

14 lectures in 3 days - no one could sit through that. It seems kinda wrong, going to a fitness expo to do nothing but sit :)

Chris H said...

The spikey butt ball looks like something I'd buy for my dog to chew!!! What do you do with it? The mind boggles! Neat you had a great time away... and resisited the donuts.. I don't particularly like them either, too dry.

linda said...

There's something delightfully 'year 8ish' ( translated for the oldies- form 2) about wagging a session!!. A sweet experience!

LizN said...

sounds like awesome fun. You just may see me in Melbourne in November!


Sara said...

You use it to massage out the knots in your glutes. Hurts like hell but really takes the back pain away. Oh... and influences any children watching. My niece has taken to sitting on a tennis ball at daycare.. sheesh.. can't do anything without having 'someone' copying my every move these days. She dropped something yesterday and said 'oh s**t'.. *blushes* wonder where she heard THAT word?

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