Monday, April 23, 2007

Just a few more pics

Warren Clampit - he was a nice guy too, he obligingly posed for photos with the desperate groupies. Er... that would be Selina and I.

David Rylah and Nick Jones again. David's on the cover of this month's Ironman - and yes, of course I got him to sign it.

I also have this shot of me with one of my idols, Lindy Olsen, but it came out blurry. Dammit! And no, I'm not a dwarf, she's just VERY tall.


Chris H said...

Ha ha, hope he turned up ok, it is scary when they are late home eh?> There's been many a time I've jumped in the car to go looking for someone who's late, it's a horrible feeling! I tend to panic, hate that about myself.... and there's two more little ones to scare me shitless yet to go!

LizN said...

Kek, I love the tank top. Did you happen to go past the LJ stand by any chance :) ;) I didn't realize Lindy was so tall.


stacytoby said...

Wish I could have gone, I would have bought out the entire Lorna Jane stand!!!!

How buff is Lindy Olsen?!!

Debstar said...

I'm guessing you had to smile when you were with Lindy otherwise she would have squashed you like a bug. lol
I know its the angle of the camera, but do those guys look 3ft to you?

Kek said...

Deb, Lindy would never do such a thing - she was so sweet, I wanted to take her home with me!

And I suppose it's the fact that the blokes are so wide compared to the average man that makes our brains think they're short. Although Nick wasn't much taller than me, come to think of it. The other two certainly weren't shortarses though.

Lorna Jane? Who's Lorna Jane? *hides shopping bags*

Deb said...

How fun! I'm lost for motivation right now and gettign back to a 3 day a week weight routine. Hoping that will bring some motivating/encouraging results.

ms_attitude said...

Well, despite having the best intentions of having more than 2 minutes to scratch myself and possibly try and meet up for a quick hello - that didn't eventuate. Still, I now know what I want to do next year...
So, Kek, hello from afar yet again!

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