Sunday, April 01, 2007

Odds and ends

I just realised that this year is already 1/4 over. Yikes! So what did I achieve in the last 3 months? I've managed to maintain my weight, more or less, while building me some muscle. I've completed the two cycling events I planned to do - and I didn't die in the process. And I've managed to keep up my training regime through one of the busiest work periods I've ever had. So yay, me!

I had my orthotics modified to (hopefully) iron out my ongoing back problems, which are largely due to my right leg being a scary 11mm shorter than my left. I picked them up on Friday and I'm wearing them for about half the day, while I get used to them. So far they make my back ache more, since my poor scrunched-up muscles are all being forced into more natural positions, which they're not at all used to.

Here's the right one, with a 7mm heel lift added to it:

Glamorous, or what? I can't run in the damn things, so it's just as well I'm not actually running at the moment. If I do lose my mind and decide to take up running regularly again, apparently I can get some high-tech carbon fibre ones, that are way more bendy. I'm betting THOSE are pricey!


As well as being a lopsided freak, age is apparently catching up with me and I have to get *sob* reading glasses. I visited the optometrist the other day and picked out a pair of Calvin Klein frames that I hope won't look too dicky on me. Hopefully they'll be ready to collect before Easter - my arms are getting sore trying to hold books at a far enough distance to focus properly. Perhaps once I get used to them I'll even post a photo.

And once again I'm thankful for my health cover, since those things cost around $400. Out of pocket, it ended up being a much more reasonable $96. Phew. Between the osteopath, the podiatrist and now my aging, failing eyesight, I could go broke!


I just made a new taste sensation - a chai latte shake. Throw 3 or 4 ice cubes in the blender, add about a cup of skim milk, a serve of Sara's vanilla whey protein and dump in the contents of a sachet of Lipton's chai latte (or you could brew up a cup with a tea bag and let it go cold, I suppose). Blend till thick and frothy and drink through a very wide straw - or a narrow one, if your cheek muscles need a good workout.


I got a lovely surprise this week - a flower delivery came on Wednesday, and I was mystified. It's not my birthday, anniversary, and I haven't been the bitch-wife-from-hell lately (in spite of PMS), so it couldn't be Bike Boy sucking up. Turns out they were from a client who'd just finished her 12 week program and was over the moon with her results.

Totally unnecessary, but really, REALLY appreciated. Made my day - knowing I've helped someone achieve their dream is a great feeling. That's a good thought to hold onto when 4:30am starts and working all weekend gets me all :-(


Selina said...

LOL at the 4.30am thoughts - thats what I try to tell myself as well.

kathrynoh said...

Woohoo, it's always nice to get flowers :)

I'm so glad I don't need orthopedics, running shoes cost enough without any extras.

LizN said...

Sounds like your year has been pretty productive so far. Well done on what you've achieved (so far).

Big hugs
Liz ;)

PS - Nice orthotics!

Chris H said...

Isn't that soooo lovely! You must be a great motivator/personal trainer... want to move to Palmerston North? I will have a spare bedroom next year! lol

Deb said...

I have orthodics (and FLAT feet) but hate them! Theyare the most uncomfortable things I've ever put on my feet. I've read a lot of pro's and con's. After 47 years andno problems...I think my body works pretty well with what it's got! I am loving the 'lift' thing though. Maybe I can modify mine and break the 5 foot mark! LOL!!

Debstar said...

I got some through a podartrist about 10years ago. They cost me $400 at the time. I never could get used to them because the arch felt much too high. Eventually I got a cheaper pair like yours. Much better.

Kek said..., Deb? Hardly - these are custom-made $400 jobs too! I just paid the extra $65 to have the heel lift added and new covers put on.

And yes, the high arch feels odd for my poor old flat feet, but you get used to them.

Sara said...

Hey I got orthotics today too! What's up with the human race? You know my back thing? Well, the exercises to fix the back made my knee hurt and it turns out that it all comes down to some funky ankle thing so now there are orthotics to make the knee go in the right direction which will help my back stay good.....
I was a little surprised at the $120 bill too.

So, let's just all be twisty and funky together?

MTB Girl said...

Hey Kek, the carbon orthotics are REALLY stiff and light. Alistair has some for cycling, and yes, they are very pricey!

Debstar said...

Sorryabout that Kek. That picture of the orthodics looks just like the ones you get from the chemist - which also aren't that cheap, but better than $400.
My good (expensive) orthodics gave me callouses on my heels. I stuck with them for about a year & they never felt any better even when I took them back for adjustment. My daughter now wears them & they work well for her. I know that's probably wrong but at least I haven't wasted $400.

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