Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Preparation underway

So I'm off to Sydney on Thursday, I fly out at 12:15pm for a huge (almost) 4 days of fitness, fun, catching up with friends and learning stuff. Which means I've had to rearrange my training for the week. I gave it some thought, and even though convention delegates get to work out for free on all the lovely equipment at the expo each morning at 7:30, I'm just not sure that will actually happen. So I'm cramming my 3 weights workouts into 3 days before I go, and I know I'll get some cardio in while I'm away.

It's not ideal, but at least it takes care of all my workouts. I'm also going to be taking some food - at least some oats and whey protein, plus maybe a couple of cans of tuna. And I know there's a 7-eleven near the hotel where I can get eggs and fruit. I need to be able to make breakfast and have snacks available - lunch I can manage with a trusty can of tuna, a piece of fruit and a bought salad and dinners will all be eaten out.

That's the plan, anyway. Mostly, I intend to have fun. :-)


Chris H said...

Hope you have a whale of a time... I've been told it aint good to do weights on consecutive days? Can you just cos you are you?

Kek said...

Yeah, it's because I have super-human powers, Chris. LOL.

Nah, my weight training is split into different body parts on each day, so I won't be working any of the same muscles on consecutive days. I still prefer to spread it over the week, but it's no big deal.

liz said...

Have fun at Filex! House looks good too. Hey, where's the pool gonna go???

Hann said...

sounds good to me, hope you have heaps of fun Kek.

Kek said...

Hmm, the pool.... IF we get a pool, it'll be a courtyard one, so only 3.5 x 4.5 or thereabouts. Or maybe a 12m lap pool, that'd just fit.

Or maybe if it ever rains, we can just swim in the creek. ;-)

LizN said...

Have a wonderful time Kek, I cannot wait to read a full and detailed report. You'll be fine with the food, you are staying in a capital city. Now if the convention was in Woop Woop, I would highly recommend you bring everything!


ms_attitude said...

Hi Kek, I'm going to try and keep an eye out for you, and if I see you, say Hi.
I'm luckily staying with friends (I live an hour and a half away from Sydney) who are just a 5 minute ride away on the light rail.
I've decided if I pack my little yoghurt with frozen fruit I can have that as my morning snack (in my cooler bag!) then the peanut butter protein bars for mid afternoon... and yeah, good ol' tuna and salad for lunch.
Hope to see you there!

Kek said...

Liz, capital city or not, the food on offer at expos is usually woeful - sausage rolls, hot chips, you get the idea. Last year they actually had some OK choices for the first time, including yoghurt and salads, but talk about overpriced!!

Caroline, give me a call while you're there (the number's on my website) and if I'm free we can meet up at the expo.

Cherub said...

Congrats on the house, I'm sure it will be all you dreamed of.

Enjoy the convention, next year I will be at FILEX, this year will settle for the Expo.


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