Friday, April 06, 2007


Bike Boy did a wonderful job of assembling the latest evidence of our increasingly rampant consumerism, and here it is, all shiny and gleaming:

We used to laugh hysterically at these things in catalogues. "THAT'S not a barbeque!" we'd splutter, "we don't have appliances that impressive in our KITCHEN!" After all, what's wrong with 4 bricks and an old piece of steel plate with a fire lit underneath?
Anyway, obviously we caved, because we're now the proud owners of no less than 4 barbies: one wonky brick one, built 19 years ago by Bike Boy and a friend, two Webers (one converted to gas - essential for total fire ban days), and now this magnificent stainless steel edifice. We gave it a test run at lunchtime and I can report that the sausages tasted pretty good. I'll report back on the impending seafood feast....


Chris H said...

Now that is just as flash as our new one.... which we got a year ago and have only used a handful of times.... derrrr ! Enjoy, oh seafood, so yummmmm.

Shauna said...

never thought i would say a bbq was sexy... but it really is! enjoy your easter weekend kekster and look forward to hearing all about it!

Savy said...

OOo shiney! Hard to keep shiney though.... However, if your husband is anything like mine, he'll be caught sneaking out to polish it and trying to BBQ anything he can on it. ;)

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