Monday, April 09, 2007

The two of us

My week's started off well. I've had alarm clock issues the last couple of Mondays; I either forgot to turn it on or somehow set something wrong and consequently slept in and missed my workout..... which left me running to catch up all the rest of the week. Today being a holiday though, I slept till 7:30, then headed off to train with Bike Boy.

We never train together normally, since we go to different gyms at different times, but today everything just worked out perfectly. We were both home, both had weights sessions on our schedules, and besides, I really needed a spotter for my bench press. So I decided to go with him to the university gym where he trains. It's a great little gym, clean, nicely maintained equipment, has everything that I could need and it's only 5 minutes from home. Unfortunately I won't be joining though, since they don't open till 6:30am on weekdays, which is way too late for me. I need to start by 6:00 at the latest to be back home in time to get the rug rats up and myself organised.

I had a great workout - I managed to increase my weight (slightly) on bench press without fear of getting embarrassingly stuck under the bar, got through my shoulder workout OK and then once again had a handy spotter for my final triceps exercise - lying French press. Yeah, you don't want to drop the bar doing THOSE suckers.... you could give yourself concussion.

Pity about the opening time thing - training together was actually fun.


Chris H said...

It is so much nicer working out with one's other half eh? Stew does not go to my gym either, he works out a home in the evenings, and I try to join him whenever I can... it makes the time go faster.. I should be bitching tomorrow, my weights were all increased again today...ouchy!

LizN said...

My DH is not really interested in the gym and I would love it if he were. You know what they say - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!


Debstar said...

I wish my man would go to the gym with me too. The most I can get from him is the occassional walk around the block and it's soooo slow.

Sara said...

Gawd, my man likes to run or bike at a speedy pace for - oh - an hour or more on hills and rocky terrain... he says I can join him any time I like... hmmm... that'd be a no.

We tried training at home together but it's too funny! I mean, I try to do a pullup and Jase makes a face and I laugh and lose all my muscle strenth. Better to train alone where I can make the ugly face without cracking myself up on behalf of my observer.

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