Thursday, April 12, 2007

You have been warned!

Here's a heads-up for any clients of mine who happen to be reading this:

If you turn up to a training session with gifts of chocolate or similar goodies for me, expect retribution! Liz can attest to the fact that I'm not making empty threats here. She arrived this morning bearing a plate of chocolate-filled tarts. So I made her do 20 minutes of ab boot-camp. :D It was a little different to this routine, but I'm sure the result will be the same when she tries to get out of bed tomorrow.

Some days I really love my job!


Sue said...

Kek you make me laugh, lucky I haven't seen you since I gave you choccies. At least I waited until the end of my session ;-}

kathrynoh said...

people turn up for training with chocolate? That's a bit cheeky!

Chris H said...

Hells bells, is that your belly!!! Oh my god, I might as well give up right now! In my dreams .... if it is .. awesome.

Kek said...

Sue, you may have got out of that one, but I have a lo-o-o-ng memory!

Chris...I wish! But I am working on it.

Ashwee said...

Haha Kek! Will make a note of that!!

I'm really looking forward to the online training!!


LizN said...

Liz did a great job on those tarts. I hope you enjoyed them ;)


Selina said...

MMMM feel free to pack em up and take them to Sydney ;P
LOL .......I didn't say that, i don't eat chocolate or anything remotely related to it either!!!!!!!!! ;P

liz said...

I was only trying to make her be nice to me and instead she gave me a thrashing!

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