Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Attractive property with lots of extras

It's now only 3 weeks till our house goes on the market and I'm really starting to panic about making the deadline. My state of mind is not helped by Number One Son's pig-headed selfishness. So far, he has done exactly nothing to help.

His room is a pigsty and my constant requests to sort the crap he doesn't need from the stuff he wants to keep have fallen on deaf ears. He has also constantly moaned and complained about how incovenient this whole moving thing is to HIM, and how he doesn't want to live in a rented house while we build, and how he'll be getting close to exams while this place is on the market and having to leave so that the agents can bring prospective buyers through is REALLY going to make his life hell and blah-de-blah-blah.

SO.... I yelled at him last night that he doesn't have to move with us - he can just stay here and we'll happily go without him. I'm sure we can run an ad something like this: Cosy family home in great location with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, renovated kitchen, lovely outdoor entertaining area, ducted heating and cooling, 2 sheds and lock-up carport. Comes complete with lazy, smelly teenager with bad attitude who sleeps all day and refuses to do any chores.

Yeah, THAT should add some value to the place.


MTB Girl said...

I was wondering what "extras" the house would have...hmm, that's just what everyone needs!

You could always box up his whole room for him and have it all over and done with! I remember this was a pretty quick way my parents got me to clean up and sort things out, because otherwise they were just going to throw it out.

He COULD move out, but I think home suits him a bit too much!

Chris H said...

Are your bloody sure you havn't got MY son living with you???!!! I have two like that here last time I looked... useless little shits! I always knew they were all the same! Threaten to tidy his room for him ... that should get him moving! I have been known to throw EVERYTHING on their floor out the window onto the roof! And with one daughter, I threw everything she owned out on the street for her to see when she got home. I AM NOT A NICE MOTHER... so they know better than to mess with me.

Unknown said...

Threaten , then start, to clean up his room for him! That should get him moving!

Kathryn said...

I'm like Chris except I bagged everything up and threw it out (actually stored it in a friend's garage but said I threw it out).

Alternatively you could find out what professional movers charge per hour and tell him he'll have to pick up the bill :)

VegasGirl said...

Yeah...having left my teenage years behind not too long ago...I think about the worst thing you can do is go in with a box and start "helping" him sort things out. Really, pretty much the last thing in the world that I wanted was my mom going through my stuff.

Also, a great motivator is to get a big trash can, put a clean liner in it, take it into his room and start throwing away the things that look like trash to you. When he sees the things he treasures being turned into trash, he'll probably get you to stop pretty quickly.

Good luck! And sorry for being worthless as a teenager (even being a girl!) hehe

Kek said...

Thanks for the suggestions - he has (grudgingly) agreed to make a start tomorrow. If not, I will be spending Saturday with a pile of garbage bags, doing a "clean up" of his room myself.

Debstar said...

Just goes to show you that we are all in the same boat.
I actually charged my kids $10 an hour to clean their rooms. If you don't think he will pay you just keep some of his favourite objects then charge him money for their return.

Chris H said...

A month off the gym?? NEVER!!! I will find a way around that, for sure! AT this stage it is only a possibility... but more likely than not. Yeh ha, no more monthly's would be fantastic.

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