Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bloody hard work!

All the hard work has paid off - Bike Boy and I are both completely knackered, there have been several terse exchanges, and the stress has been totally out of hand....BUT we're more or less finished. The new showere screen and mirrors won't be installed till Friday, and there are a couple of small jobs to do, but things are looking good. :)

Here's the evidence:

The boudoir..... yes, of COURSE that's a genuine Van Gogh on the wall. ;)

The lounge.... ah, wide-angle lenses - how good are they? The room looks posiively spacious. Of course, taking my desk out has made a huge difference. It usually lives where Bike Boy's guitar is. Using my laptop at the dining table isn't so good for my neck/shoulder/arm, but may sell the house faster, so one has to make sacrifices.

The dining room - I love our doors! They're one of my favourite things about our house.

The masterpiece of organisation that is our walk-in robe. I bought out Safeway's entire stock of storage boxes..... (note my scales hiding there - in the bathroom, they're too tempting) The family room - actually more of a TV and computer nook, but we like to be a bit grand. :)

Kitchen - Tassie Oak, still looks good after 5 years.

This is meant to be a bedside table, but I think it works in the entry.
I LOVE the smell of fresh mulch!

I would have taken shots of the front, but it started to get dark..... another time!

I'm off to watch some TV with Bike Boy, then to bed. Next week will hopefully be more relaxed.


Sue said...

The pictures look fantastic Kerryn, your kitchen I love along with the tv and computer nook, gives me ideas for my own :-) I'm sure that this week will be alot less stressful in the way of maintenance however you do have a realestate coming over, thats another type of stress. Good Luck

Kristy said...

Hey Kerryn, your place looks absolutely amazing. All that hard work has well and truly paied off. I don't think you should have any trouble selling it :)


LizN said...

Hi Kerryn

Your house looks amazing. I think you will sell it really quickly. I wish my house looked like that - it looks llike a bomb has hit it :)

Big hugs
LIz ;)

Lyn said...

wow what a beautiful place!! I'd be very proud of that!!

Chris H said...

You home is bloody beautiful, why are you leaving it???? And I just bought a copy of Women's Health and Fitness in Sydney, WHO'S a CELEBRITY then??? Just as well they ain't seen "plasterd" Kek eh!!!! Hmmm, maybe I should send then a copy???? ha ha ha.

Kek said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone.

Sue, if you want the name of the cabinetmakers who custom-built our wall unit to my design, just let me know - they also did our kitchen, and it's top quality.

Chris, yes it is a nice home, but it's become way too small for our needs, so it's time to move on.

It'll be officially on the market next week. Finally!

Sara said...

GORGEOUS! Gah, you've got great taste. :)

Deb said...

It looks beautiful!!!!!! Sure you don't want to stay?? ;)

VegasGirl said...

Wow! Your house is beautiful. I like the yellow and blue paint on the walls. I can't wait to get a house of my own some day because all my life I've only had white walls =)

Debstar said...

I second what sara just said. It shouldn't take long to sell that house. I'll cross my fingers for you.

Oh, and I went to the osteopath yesterday to have an elbow jammed in my bum & thighs. What fun! What pain! And I get to do it all again next week. yipppeeeeee.....not

MTB Girl said...

Great job Kek - I hope it is over as painlessly as possible for you.

Suzikatz said...

hey kek, that house of yours is truly a gem and all that hard yakka has paid off, good on ya, youll sell it in no time at all.

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