Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Claim to fame

I already mentioned that LizN and I feature in this month's Women's Health & Fitness magazine, but I forgot to report that another blogger, Clare, gets a guernsey in the same issue. She was interviewed for an article on joint pain and exercise.

Clare has just qualified as a personal trainer in Sydney and she's going to be GREAT. :-)


Cherub said...

Thanks Kerryn.

Studying over, back to business, I will email an update soon.

Debstar said...

Have you seen what they've done this month...they've got the mag in a sealed bag! That's a bit rude I think as I was going to have a quick read at the newsagents and now I'm going to have to buy the thing. Has the mag improved any over the last few issues?

Unknown said...

Bought the magazine this month just so I could see what they did with you! You look great and the article was interesting- always is when you sort of know someone in it! Did you realise that deb and I crack a mention too?

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