Saturday, May 12, 2007

*cough* *wheeze*

Today I had the fun task of scraping and sanding off every single skerrick of paint from the ceiling of our ensuite, right back to the bare gyprock. Ordinarily, this would not be fun. With an injured left shoulder and tennis elbow in my right arm, guess how much fun it was, spending hours up a ladder with my arms extended above my head? Hands up who thinks I'm feeling really relaxed and happy tonight?

It took me the entire day to get ONE COAT OF UNDERCOAT on the walls and ceiling of the tiniest room in the house. My only consolation is (as Bike Boy just pointed out) we will never, ever need to do this again. Our new house will have everything just as we want it, no compromises. And when something breaks or wears out or needs painting, I have decided we will get a man in to fix it. :) My husband has many talents (he says his chief one is keeping me happy.....can't argue with that), but D.I.Y. is not one of them, as he will readily admit.

Here's me, after all the sanding, and just before the painting, enjoying a well-earned coffee (kindly provided by Bike Boy, who also took the photo. Don't worry, I'll get him for that later!). I call this picture "Kek, plastered"


Thanks for all the concern about my nosebleed the other day - that's actually quite normal for me, and just a rather inconvenient symptom of Osler's Disease. It's really no big deal. Really. I call it my party trick.

It works like this: You have blood gushing out of a ruptured lesion under pressure, and you stop it pouring out of your nose with a wad of tissues. So it builds up inside your nose and starts to trickle down your throat instead. Eeuw! Then the blood starts to form a clot and blocks up that escape route too, but there's still a fair bit flowing. So it only has one way to go....ta-dah!! Tear ducts it is!

Huh, tears of blood...I should sell tickets.

Anyway, that particular bleed stopped fairly quickly. I've learned the hard way that it's pointless rushing off to casualty - I just end up sitting in the waiting room for two hours, by which time it's stopped. Then I have to explain to the 15 year old doctor what Osler's Disease is (lucky me - it's not RARE, but it is UNCOMMON). Then he looks in my nose and says "I can't see a thing, there's a big clot in the way". Well, der! Then he gives me a lecture about how I shouldn't have waited so long and how if I have another bleed and it doesn't stop in 10 minutes, I really should head straight to hospital. Yeah, right! So I can sit and wait for two friggin' hours, then cop a lecture from a doctor who knows less than I do? Thanks, I don't think so.

It always amuses me when I see people freak out about a nosebleed - I've had them regularly since I was 5 years old and I just roll my eyes and think "Pfft, it's only a nosebleed".

Today, for a change, I have white crap oozing out of my nose and eyes - paint and plaster dust. Fun.


Kathryn said...

Casualty is definitely not a fun place to be. And doctors can be such knobs.

MTB Girl said...

I think that foundation is a bit light for you...maybe later in winter? Also, you seem to have applied your powder a little haphazardly :P

Have a great Mothers' Day, and I hope the run goes well this morning. I'll be running along with you in Canberra.

Flea said...

LOL, sorry but poor you! You looke so tired, I hope the coffee helped and kicked in so you can kick butt after!
I admire your hard work, I hope the new house gets built quicker than normal so that you can go and relax in style!
I looked at your side pictures again and still can't belief it's the same woman!

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