Thursday, May 24, 2007

The healthy food test

I sometimes have clients who struggle to understand exactly what constitutes a good choice when it comes to meals. For instance, a salad always sounds good, but if it consists of boiled egg, beetroot, fetta, strips of bacon, lettuce and tomato? It might taste good, but probably doesn't cut it on a fat loss program. The only actual salad ingredients are lettuce, tomato and that great Aussie favourite, beetroot. (I've never understood the attraction of beetroot, I really don't like it and I ALWAYS manage to drop some in my lap, usually whilst wearing white....)

Anyway, I'd be likely to choose something like lettuce, baby spinach, mushrooms, capsicum, tomato, a little red onion, maybe some lightly steamed asparagus or snow peas, and then I'd add some tuna or chicken or something fairly substantial in the protein department. Plus probably a spoonful of olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice or some balsamic. And pepper. Lots of pepper.

I was talking to Bike Boy about how hard it can be to get the good food message across to people, and he came up with this foolproof healthy food test:

1. Prepare your meal.
2. Show it to your husband and ask "does this look good?"
3. If he answers yes, throw it out and start again. If he answers no, yuk, or anything similar, go right ahead and eat it!
The man's a genius.


Kathryn said...

My son always says everything tastes better with bacon! I tend to agree but I do go for the non fatty kind now (I used to always cut the fat off anyway) and grill it or dry fried. A couple of small rashers aren't that bad, fat and calorie-wise and are definitely worth it for the flavour. Mmmm.. bacon, I want some now.

Have you tried real beetroot, not the tinned stuff? Wrapped in foil and baked in the oven then with some balsamic on top = yum!

Deb said...

Very funny that Bike Boy! I often think what would our grocery stores look like if we removed all the processed food (especially here in the states!). Probably liek they do in Europe...very small and just the items you need.
We (again in Calif) have a little e-coli problem. Actually a BIG e-coli problem. One of teh sources was an organic farm!!!! Eat clean, choose carefully and wash EVERYTHING!

Cherub said...

Love the healthy food test. My husband calls on the way home to see what is for dinner. I can guarantee that if it is healthy he won't be hungry when he gets in - because he drove through the Golden Arches on the way home.

I've also had his colleagues tell me that he has pie and chips for lunch cos he knows that a healthy dinner is on the menu for the evening.

Debstar said...

My husband was listening to a PT on the radio the other day. Apparently she said that if you are having problems deciding what is healthy to look at what you have on your plate and all the stuff you eat first you should get rid of and all the (green) stuff that you push to one side you should eat more of. Pity he won't listen to that advice.

And Cherub, when my hubby asks what we're having for tea I reply "food". These days he doesn't ask so often.

Unknown said...

Totally agree!! I get very frustrated when (names withheld) family members order giant caesar salads when out for dinner proudly proclaiming they are ordering the "healthy option"... they scoff when I order warm chicken salad with dressing on the side...

hmm... sometimes I wonder if I was adopted!

Sue said...

That bike boy test made me giggle, its so true, isn't funny how they are fammished but as soon as the meats gone and there is only vegies on the plate, which you have begged them to have, they are full. But once you've gone to bed, the sandwiches are made. Idiots don't even think to clean up so we don't know.

Chris H said...

My way of judging whether a meal is healthy or not is simple... if it tastes bloody delicious, it's not good, if it's only so-so, then it's probably ok. Bike Boy has hit it on the nail too! I love beetroot, the real stuff even better! And the trick to eating it and enjoying it without worrying about dropping it on top of the boobs is.... a tea towel draped over the chest!

SeLiNa said...

LOL!!! Your hubby IS a genius :)

I still ahven't been able to find the latest WH&F in the newsagent :(
Can't wait to check out your article... I WILL require an autograph next time we meet up. LOL

VegasGirl said...

haha. Too funny! When I'm trying to make something healthy, that is generally my b/f's response. When he cooks healthy, normally I am the one wrinkling up my nose and saying "no way!" =0p

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