Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hot, hot, HOT!!

Just what a girl needs after a gruelling week of work, work and more work: some HAWT guys! (ta muchly to the sweet and gorgeous Selina for these pics)

David Rylah with the two desperate groupies:

Warren Clampit with yours truly - he'd just finished a guest posing routine and I could feel his muscles shaking from the effort of flexing. GOD, I should have got a spray tan - could I get any more pasty white?

David again. Next time I decide to shamelessly promote UltraFit, I must remember to tame my just pulled a crappy free t-shirt over my head hair! ....And suck my gut in more.

And Nick Jones, who was a real sweetie (and just LOOK at those arms!):

I commented to Nick that once my husband saw these photos, he'd lock me in the house and never let me out alone again. So he decided to add a littel fuel to the fire:

Ahh, back to real life.......


Debstar said...

So you actually got to TOUCH the products. Now I'm really jealous.
No wonder you're grinning from ear to ear. Who cares about the hair and belly all I see is a beautiful smile
(and no wonder).

Chris H said...

WOW, those guys are HOT, don't tell Stew I said that! I don't usually like hugely muscle bound guys, but they are just yummy! Lucky lucky you! And Yes, a tan would be an improvement chick! You look like a bloody ghost beside those hotties.

MTB Girl said...

Mmm, nice pics! Feel free to post more for us :P

SeLiNa said...

hehehehe glad u could post em up, coz i still can't!
yes, they were nice and shiny products to touch!!

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