Thursday, May 17, 2007

My week in brief:

Still painting, cleaning, repairing and rearranging. Sunday is our deadline, as the agent is coming to take photos on Monday. We're actually pretty well on schedule, and the place is looking good. Me, on the other hand - I am not looking good. My nails are ruined, my hands are all rough, I have a patch of eczema just under my eye, hives up one arm (no idea what that's from) and I've barely paused all week to run a comb through my hair. Also, I'm living in old paint-spattered pants and t-shirts 3 sizes too big for me. Very attractive.


My shoulder is actually a lot better. I'm still getting pain in when my arm is in certain positions.... like extended in front of me, mainly. Which makes typing and mousing tricky, even with strict attention to posture and keeping-my-elbows-close-to-my-sides. Driving is also a challenge, so it's lucky I don't have to go on any long trips.

Oh, except for on Tuesday, when my normal 45 minute drive to the office turned into an hour and a half crawl, due to a peanut butter spill on a major road. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure that one out too....


The Baby went on a school camp on Monday morning and came home yesterday afternoon. They went to Phillip Island and apparently had a great time on giant swings, ropes courses, canoeing and so on. Of course this means that this morning he did NOT want to get out of bed. I'm betting half the class are away today, as their parents let them sleep in and recover. My child? He's going to school - I'm just mean.


Jadey said...

I have been trying to find pics of this peanut butter spill for ages! It's just not a happening thing for me.

Deb said...

You crack me up. Won't this be great when it's all over?? You'll get teh new house and unpack in a VERY organizedmanner...put everything in it's place, then KEEP it neat and tidy....YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!! Just do what you have to do and be done with it! ;)

liz said...

Saw the write up in WH&F mag. Good one! :)

SeLiNa said...

I lurve that pic... Kek, plastered!!!
Gee u keep yourself busy don't you!!! You need a superwoman outfit :) Hope it's all coming together for the pics on Monday :)
And look after that shoulder hey!

Debstar said...

That's an awful lot of paint tins! You'll be so proud of your newly renovated house that you may not want to sell.
Look after that shoulder Kerryn.

Kek said...

Deb, the paint cans aren't ours - that's just some stock photo I found on the net. We do have quite a few, but we're not that bad!

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