Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New week, new focus

I finally got back to the gym this morning. I've had a few weeks of injury, stress, and just NO TIME FOR ME (and OK, a fairly large dose of feeling sorry for myself), and I'm so over it! So this morning I hauled my butt out of my cosy bed at 5:40am and headed off to the gym.

Enthusiasm was a little lacking as I dragged myself through the dark car park and into the less-than-stunning fluoro-lit surroundings of The Skanky Gym. The reception staff are usually surly at that hour of the day, but this morning, the girl on duty looked up at me and said with a huge smile, "hey, I saw you in a magazine!" She was way more impressed than the occasion demanded.... but it made me smile and put a little bounce in my step.
My workout went well - I took the weights down a little on chest and shoulders, since a) I haven't trained for 3 weeks *ahem* .....AND b) I have this sucky shoulder injury which I really don't want to aggravate. But IT FELT SO GOOD to be training again.

Tonight, I'm heading back there for some bike intervals before training a new client.
The last few weeks have been filled with plenty of activity (sanding, painting, cleaning, moving stuff), and there's been muscle soreness galore, but it's just not the same. Nothing produces endorphins like heaving a pair of rusty dumbbells around at 6:00am on a cold morning does.


SeLiNa said...


Cherub said...

Hi Kerryn

I've tagged you. (sorry)

Good Luck with your shoulder. I looked so cool at the gym this morning with my 2kg dumbbells strengthening my rotator cuff.

Lyn said...

That's what I loved about joining a gym... when I really didn't want to go I just had to get myself in the car and I knew I would make it to the gym. And exercising in the morning is great for that get up and go boost!!

Good on you for getting yourself back into it!!

Chris H said...

I know how ya feel, I have been slack this since I got back from holidays on the exercise front... I was expecting to get my new programme from my PT, but she is nowhere to be found... and I am annoyed as hell! I so want to move forward with a new programme, might just have to make one up myself! Hope you get back into the groove too.

Kathryn said...

Surly gym staff sound tops... I hate the bouncy, peppy ones.

I saw you in a magazine too, finally :)

LizN said...

Great that you are back in the gym :) Sorry about the pesky shoulder problem though :)

Big hugs
Liz ;)

PS isn't it funny about the mag - I've had people wandering up to me in the gym and asking me if I'm famous :)

Jadey said...

That's funny all my girlfriends / colleaugues seem to have read that magazine of mine and Im like "that's my friend Kek :p

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