Saturday, May 19, 2007


Oh yeah. Saturday. Time to relax....for NORMAL people, anyway. For me, it was a day to: train a couple of clients, pack some boxes, shovel and rake 2 metres of mulch (and pull more than a few weeds along the way) do 3 loads of washing, load the dryer, hang the remainder on the line in the laundry....yes, its actually raining in Melbourne....pack more boxes, dust and vacuum the lounge, fold the dry washing, answer emails, pack MORE stuff (WHERE is this stuff coming from?), clean a bit more and read some stuff from our conveyancer. Why do I need to sign a Section 32 in quadruplicate, anyway?

*sigh* almost done....


Got my copy of Women's Health & Fitness today - WOOHOO! This issue features a nice article on "Fit at any age", featuring yours truly and LizN. Ah, it's nice to share around some of the things I've learned and experienced about becoming fitter and more satisfied with myself and my body.


I had a conversation with my two youngest kids tonight about the difference between tabloids and broadsheets.... I think I went WAY overboard when I got into left-wing and right-wing politics. My kids are familiar with the concept of "Dad lectures", which usually happen when Dad has had more than a few beers....but tonight's discussion turned into a "Mum lecture". I realised I'd given them way too much detail when they started looking at each other and rolling their eyes. Oops. We parents get a bit carried away sometimes, when just a simple answer will do.


Tomorrow, I may actually have a few photos to post after all the work we've been doing. Most of the boxes are stacked in the shed or carport, I only have a few paint cans left in the house, and by tomorrow we should have all the furniture rearranging and cleaning finished. Can I have a big HURRAH??!


Flea said...

Huraaah for you! You make me feel lazy with all your activities!
So is oldest son finally packing too?
Congrats on the magazine bit, I'll go and buy it when I'm out shopping!

VegasGirl said...

Yay! You are almost done! =D I know it has been tons of work for you, but that is a lot for you to have accomplished!!

Congrats on the article too. That is really cool!

hehe. We had an entire class (1 hour and 15 minutes) devoted to explaining the difference in tabloids and broadsheets to us in my newspaper course. hehe. It was great fun to watch the professor blushing when he asked us if everyone was 18+ One of the papers was from England and featured a naked girl. LoL. Great fun =0p

Kek said...

Thanks for the cheers, girls - it's ben a BIG job, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Ha,tabloids and broadsheets: I was telling the middle child about how the British tabloids always feature topless girls on page 3.

It might be unweildy to read on the train, but I've only ever read The Age since I was 18.... just can't stand the crappy tabloid-style "reporting".

I'm showing my age here, but a friend of ine used to say that The Sun was for people who couldn't read, and the Herald for those that couldn't think. These days, when they've long since been amalgamated as The Herald-Sun, I wonder who the audience is....

Yeesh, where did the time go? Off to bed for me!

Sue said...

Hey thats not fair, I like to read the Herald Sun but thats because I'm related to Renata Mokbel and I like to see what they have gotten wrong about her!

Anyway, have you found a place to rent yet Kerryn? Just imagine how much fun it will be unpacking those boxes, just to pack and unpack again when the house is finished. And no I don't want you to bash me. LOL

SeLiNa said...

Ooooh, I have to go and pick me up my copy of the mag!!

Sara said...

Hooooorah! Moving house is a big deal. For some reason I always have intentions to just throw everything away that I haven't looked at since the LAST time I moved house, and yet I find myself going through it all, decided that some is worth keeping even though I hadn't missed it for 3 years....

Congrats on the article. Can I get a scanned copy?

LizN said...

Yay! I'm going out hunting for the mag this week. I'm glad it turned out well, I was wondering how I would be portrayed ;)

Liz ;)

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