Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tag! You're it!

I was tagged by LizN, and it's taken me a few days to get around to this, but here goes:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I am not a morning person, yet for over 3 years, I’ve been getting up at stupid-o’clock to train: summer, winter, whatever. Amazing how you can change.

2. I can’t stand wrinkled newspapers. I never take the one from the top of the pile at the newsagent, instead going for a nice neat, crease-free one a few copies down. I also have to be the first person in the house to read it so it’s nice and pristine. If I was rich, I’d have the butler iron it for me.

3. I’m a demon at handcrafts – paper crafts like scrapbooking & pergamano, funky things with rubber stamps, complicated embroidery with threads, ribbons and beads, sewing (used to make most of my own clothes in the far distant past, when I was childless and had oodles of time), crochet. I’m not big on knitting though – I can do it, but it’s dead boring. Now if ONLY I had some time to indulge…..

4. I have so much underwear, I can’t fit it in my drawers. Bras and knickers of all kinds, coloured ones, lacy ones, practical ones. I can’t resist them. I think it’s a sickness….

5. My hair is getting thinner. Boo-hoo. I blame my children, since it seems to have got progressively thinner after each one was born. I’m sure I’ll end up a bald old lady. Maybe I'll buy wigs in crazy colours and styles. And make the kids pay for them.

6. My favourite colour is blue. No wait, green. I can never choose between the two.

7. The weirdest job I ever had was working at a worm farm over summer when I was 17. No, I didn’t have to milk them, or round ‘em up and bring ‘em in from the paddock. Worm poo is fantastic fertiliser, and the worm farm people, who were friends of my Mum’s, made potting mix from it. My job was to seal the bags with one of those heat thingies. Exciting stuff!

I think almost everyone I know has already been tagged, so I'm copping out here.


Chris H said...

My favourite colour is blue too...hate orange and green.

Deb said...

I'm loving the worm farm!! You're a keeper!

Lyn said...

Some very interesting facts there!

Had to laugh at your number 2 fact. As a shop that sells papers do you know how hard it is to sell that top paper??? lol

LizN said...

I love it! I hate crinkled newspapers and also like scrapbooking.

I definitely need new undies.


Kathryn said...

That reminds me - I need new undies. MIne are so big and baggy, nannas would be embarrassed to wear them!

Sara said...

Me too.. in desperate need of new undies and bras'. Keks been bra shopping with me and knows just how painful that can be... ;)
Kek, you is fascinating. Worm poo eh... I'll be sure to get some of that for my herb garden.

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