Thursday, May 31, 2007

Think positive!

I've had a couple of conversations this week about how important a positive attitude and some visualisation is when it comes to fat loss/body transformation goals. And then this article was delivered to my email inbox. Synchronicity.

This summed up what I've been trying to tell people:

When you’re driven by negative thoughts about yourself, you just don’t have the raw materials that are necessary to achieve the results you want.

I speak to so many people who really, really hate themselves. They use their before photos as motivation in the worst possible, most negative way. Their self-talk is awful, horrible. They 'punish' themselves for eating "bad" foods by doing hours of exercise (and usually hating every minute of it). I know someone who used to drive herself on at the gym with words like "come on, fat girl, get that blubber moving".

All this makes me really sad, because it's so difficult to help these people. Many of them have deep-rooted problems, but are firmly in denial about them. They think that when they achieve their weight loss goal, they'll be happy, but the ones who get there are surprised to find that they still feel bad about themselves, still have the same problems as when they were overweight. And they still deal with those problems the only way they've ever known - with food. So in most cases, they regain the weight and find themselves stuck in a yo-yo pattern of weight loss/weight gain, never really achieving what they think they want.

What's the answer? I don't have it (except maybe to recommend a good therapist). All I can do is to point people in the direction of some books or articles or programs that include goal-setting and visualisation, and preferably journalling. And some exercises to promote positive thinking.

Tom Venuto writes some good stuff on the subject, if anyone's looking for somewhere to start.


Deb said...

Amen!!! We have so much to be grateful for... I think it all starts with gratitude. Once you have a handle on that, life can't help to be positive. Positive in...positive out. Including our body! Thanks.great post!

Sienna said...

Brilliant post Kek. Seriously, brilliant. The power of positive thinking is the key to success I believe. The old saying goes "What you think about, you bring about". Have you watched the movie "The Secret" yet? It's all about the laws of attraction, and I just loved it.
Basically if you get up thinking about what a crap day it's going to be, you have a headache, you kick your toe, and you start to mumble about how bad things are, chances are, you will have a bad day. Now, if you are smiling when you wake up. Be thankful that you are alive, that the sun is shining and you are well, you will find your day is much more pleasant. I often find myself saying "yuck" into the mirror, when I should be smiling and saying "You can do this Liv".
Thanks for some thought provoking stuff.

LizN said...

Awesome post Kerryn, it is so true that positivity breeds positivity and it will be a wonderful day when women stop hating their bodies and celebrate instead what they can do.


Chris H said...

RE your comment on my blog today... yes I realised what a boo boo I had made working on making up my own routine... did RPM and an Upper Body Workout today.. twit eh? Feeling good !

Debstar said...

Funny thing Kerryn, I was thinking the very same thing a few days ago. You have been able to articulate it far better than I ever could.

I'm with Deb, look for the things you can be grateful for then work on that.

FatBlokeThin said...

Great writing - it's good to see someone else thinking along the same lines.

Here's my take on it FatBlokeThin - The Fat Blokes Guide To Losing Weight!: Thin = Happy?

Great job on losing the weight and getting fit - I am on the same journey but just starting out. I am amazed at how many inspiring people there are out there!

Great blog - I will link to you.

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