Thursday, May 31, 2007


This week is going well on the training and food front. As well as my chest/shoulders/triceps training Tuesday morning, I headed back to the gym for some intervals on the bike in the evening. Today I did legs. Judging by the way they objected to lifting me out of my chair to go put my breakfast dishes on the sink, it was a good workout.


I've just spent the last 2 hours cleaning the house. Again. This is getting really, really, old, really, really fast. After all the work I've done turning the house into a veritable temple of cleanliness, I get more than a little annoyed when I discover dirty handprints on a door, toothpaste in the bathroom sink, or dirt on the carpet.

I have to say that they're all trying very hard - beds are made without asking, towels are hung up, clothes are put away in drawers and dishes stowed in the dishwasher. But they just don't seem to have the ability to SEE dirt that's perfectly obvious to me.

I knew there was a reason I gave up on housework - it's just frustrating when you live with other people. Especially 4 other people of the male variety.

Someone better hurry up and make us an offer.

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Chris H said...

I so know how you feel, and I'm not even trying to sell my house!

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