Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's all happening - the bathrooms aren't complete and I still have a few little finishing touches to add to the garden, but I got a call from the agent yesterday and they're bringing a prospective buyer through TONIGHT! Aargh!

The board's gone up on the front lawn (the alleged lawn, I should's more a few patches of weedy green, thanks to the drought), so I guess this place is really for sale.... Now I just have to get home early this afternoon, make sure everything's spick and span, then whisk the kids off somewhere for half an hour or so, to let these people poke around in privacy.

It's already driving me nuts trying to keep the house in a permanent state of clean, and we've barely started!

It better be worth it.


My injuries are slowly getting better (not helped by typing at the dining table...), so it's back to the gym for me tomorrow. Yay!


Sue said...

Boy that was quick Kerryn, prospective buyers already. I didn't realise there where no photo's of the bathroom, what more needs to be done? I can understand you freaking about keeping the place clean, not only for these unexpected visits from agents and buyers but because you never really had the time before to keep it under control. You are such a busy person, you need to hire a maid for a few weeks girl.

Kathryn said...

Before you get too stressed, remember they're there to buy a house not rate you on your housewiferly skills :)

When my friends bought their house, it was a rental and the tenants had it in a mess - including dirty bras and knickers all over the bathroom floor!

Chris H said...

Well, I hope they love the place (and why should'nt they?) and buy it tomorrow! There is nothing so awful as having your home on the market... darn stressful to say the least! Our last home took 5 looooong months to sell, and I had to keep it tidy with heaps of kids in the house and two newborn babies, Griffin and my neice's baby girl too! I do hope you get a quick sale .... fingers crossed.

Kek said...

We have another interested party coming on the weekend. Imagine what it'll be like once the ads hit the newspapers and the internet!

Kathryn, your friends obviously have imagination. Unfortunately, most people don't and can't see past dirt, mess and bad colour schemes, so keeping everything just so is important - especially if you want to sell quickly at a good price. Which, of course, we do.

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