Wednesday, June 20, 2007

*Cough!* *Ack!*

My lurgy has progressed from the I must have swallowed razor blades stage to the my head's about to explode stage, and now to the death by snot overload stage. I haven't been this sick for.... well, for as long as I can remember (surgery doesn't count, OK?) and I can't say I'm enjoying it.

I put it down to two factors. For one, I've been extremely slack about taking my L-glutamine and vitamin C for quite some time. Tsk. Plus, I've been operating in crisis mode for weeks now, while selling the house, and it's like the minute the stress was relieved, I just fell in a heap. Weird phenomenon, that.

So, the lessons to be learned? Take your goddamned supplements and learn to be more zen. Zen? Moi? That's a good one....


ms_attitude said...

You poor thing.
..the old ..stress stops = body immediately allows itself to be invaded by bugs to enforce relaxation.
Gotta love that phenomenon!
Stay warm & sleep

Chris H said...

I'm bloody glad you are too far away from me to infect me too is all I can say..... ya snotty tart. OOH, I suppose I should say... hope you are feeling better soon.... eh?

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