Saturday, June 16, 2007

Die hardest?

Come on, own up - who loves a good Bruce-saves-the-world Die Hard movie? *puts both hands up*

I just saw the trailer on You Tube for Die Hard IV: Live Free or Die Hard and it's everything you'd expect - lots of shooting, explosions, car smashes and stuff being destroyed, while Bruce makes smart-arse comments the whole time and kicks some bad-guy arse. Oh, and saves the world, of course. Check it out!

The only downside is, it isn't due for release here till the 2nd August, so I shall have to be patient. *taps foot impatiently*

Meanwhile, Transformers looks pretty awesome. And the new Harry Potter film - thank goodness I have kids, so I have a good excuse for seeing kids' movies. And then there's The Simpsons Movie, and OOH, something starring yummy Ioan Gruffyd.....

I foresee many trips to the cinema.

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Debstar said...

Oh yeah Bruce. He gets better the older he gets.

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