Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hello, Sunshine!

I spotted these cute little fellas this afternoon at the local park, while training a client. Well, 'training' is a bit of an exaggeration - the poor guy was as sick as a dog, so we spent the session walking and doing some stretching. He's obviously keen, to turn up for his appointment when he really should have been home in bed.

I don't know about my client, but the walk did me good - the sun was actually shining today, so I got some much-needed phototherapy for an hour. That, plus some extra time spent in the garden, trimming and tidying, should help keep the nasty winter blues at bay.

My stress levels have drastically reduced in the last couple of days, assisted by the receipt of an attractive offer on the house. We still have to play a nail-biting waiting game over the long weekend, but by Tuesday night we'll know whether we have a deal or not.


I'm beginning to realise that I'll miss my garden.....hope the new owner takes good care of it.


Chris H said...

My ring is lovely isn't it! I am waiting for my award mate!!! OOO hope you get good news on tuesday .. that would be fantastic!

Debstar said...

It didn't take long to get some serious buyers. Not surprising really, your house & garden looks terrific. Good to hear you sounding so much more relaxed Kerryn.

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