Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In brief

On the work front: Busy - Gah!

Health-wise: Not sick any more.....hooray!

Training and so on: Just ordered Afterburn. Also dusted off my Precision Nutrition and am getting to grips with it. No sign of my new spin bike!

Everything else: I'm taking an hour tomorrow and having a blissful facial. Also seeing my osteopath - not so blissful, but very necessary.

OK, now you're up to date and I'm late for bed. Nighty-night.


Chris H said...

shame the spin bike hasn't arrived yet... I'd be so impatient!

MTB Girl said...

Let me know what you think about PN - I'm really interested in how it translates and how much work is involved in sticking to it.

Afterburn sounds like it will be VERY hard - ouch, I hurt for you already :P

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