Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's the little things

I didn't spend all that time hanging round display homes and lurking on builders' websites just idling away the hours daydreaming. No sir - I was carefully taking note of all the clever little touches the interior designers had added to make the rooms oh-so inviting and attractive.

So when it came to putting our house on the market, I put my knowledge to good use. I added vases of fresh flowers, piles of cushions in luxurious-looking fabrics, throws carefully arranged in a not-arranged kind of way, stacks of plush towels tied up with ribbon and a few collections of 'things'. It all looked sumptuous and rich....and most of it came from Target, Spotlight and some even from $2 shops. Shhh.

My favourites are the pale eggshell boucle throw, the beaded gold tassle, and the fabulous lotus seed pods. I already have their spots in the new house all figured out.

And the little gold cushion is GREAT for cuddling while watching TV.

Bike Boy says I should hire myself out as a consultant to people selling their houses. Having seen the state of most of the places advertised on the net, I think there's a BIG market out there.

Hmm, maybe when I get too old for personal training. Yeah, perhaps once I get to 90 or so.

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Chris H said...

Ahh I recognise all the little "tricks".... I do them even now, and Im not even selling my house! It is all in the presentation eh? I love that sort of thing, and that would be a good sort of job, but how to market yourself on that one is beyond me! And most people can't afford the little extra touches anyway... and a lot of people wouldn't want someone else coming into their home and pulling it apart! I love those TV shows that do that!

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